Royal Caribbean Cruises Stock – Should You Buy or Say Goodbye in 2020?

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Stock – Should You Buy or Say Goodbye in 2020?

Royal Caribbean Cruises Stock Analysis 2020: The cruise industry has shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Royal Caribbean (NYSE: RCL) stopped its operations on March 14… this shutdown has devastated the Royal Caribbean Cruises stock. Should you buy the dip or say goodbye?

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Stock 2020

Cruise lines have always been susceptible to health-related concerns. People are in close quarters on a cruise and that makes it possible for viruses or other communicable illnesses to spread quickly. While many other stocks are also taking a hit due to COVID-19, some are considered a bargain to buy at the bottom. Keep in mind that Royal Caribbean is among high-yield dividend stocks. Are the cruise industry and the cruise line stocks one of them?

If not the whole industry, while the Royal Caribbean stock alone survives?

Royal Caribbean Cruises Stock (RCL) Analysis

I share my investment strategy and stock analysis for 2020 in this video. I also take a look at technical analysis and potential future prices.

Before investing, ask yourself this question:
Once COVID-19 is gone, will you consider going on a cruise again?

In 1 year? in 2 years?
Will you be scared of being trapped on a cruise with a new virus?

Unless cruise lines come up with a strategy to fight with breakouts, many people may not feel comfortable with the idea…

1- EXTREMELY low stock price and could go even lower

2- pays a good dividend (11% yield)
(but may need to slash it like GE)

If you still want to buy, here are some BL ideas:
20.06, 12.50, 5.68

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