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So… You Want To Take Control of Your Financial Future... But First, You Want to Make Sure the Invest Diva Movement is LEGIT...

I’d want to know too! There are so many shady ‘make money online’ products out there. SO… I’ve chosen to let you decide. Check out the media buzz, browse the videos, and read the stories that represent thousands of Invest Divas who are living the “Make Your Money Work For You” life!

Case Studies

Celebrating #Divawins

Here’s  just a sample of the results our students are seeing…

Invest DivA EDYTA

Invest DivO CHRIS

Invest Diva PREETI

Case Studies

What people Are saying

“Within 1 year of signing up with Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva Powercourse, my overall portfolio has grown by over 100%, with my best performing stocks based on Kiana’s recommendations have grown by over 200%.”

Grace Wee


“I've just realized that I've achieved a significant milestone - $500K diva but honestly the thing I am even more excited about is having an actual plan for the next 12 months that can realistically take my portfolio above $1M.”

Heather Lynn

$500k Portfolio Award Winner

“I learned how to create my own wealth ecosystem allowing me to accelerate my income streams and grow our investment portfolios to over 6 figures within 1 year. We taught our boys to learn about investing and their portfolios have grown to over $5k each so far. ”

Tristan Craig

$200K Portfolio Award Winner

“My stocks + crypto accounts have reached $200K! How special since it’s been exactly two years since I signed up for the PowerCourse. To say this has all been life changing is an understatement. Thanks Kiana Danial for changing my life.”

Edyta Awan

$200K Portfolio Award Winner

“Using the tools and strategies I learned from Kiana’s IDDA, I’ve since been able to grow my stocks and crypto portfolios from non-existent to just over $150k – working my way to millionaire diva status.”

Tonya Rideout

$150K Portfolio Award Winner