Chris Bukowski, Bachelor in Paradise Star, Sees Bitcoin Prices Rising

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Chris Bukowski, Bachelor in Paradise Star, Sees Bitcoin Prices Rising

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Chris Bukowski, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star who also happens to be very much involved in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin community, is Kiana Danial’s guest today at Invest Diva’s ‘Diva On The Block’ show.

Chris started his Bachelor Nation career back in 2012, retired in 2015, and came back in 2019 to Bachelor in Paradise and ended up getting engaged to Katie Morton. But believe it or not, there’s more into Chris than just a record-breaking bachelor franchise returnee. I know many of you guys are dying to know about Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton’s relationship status. you want to know why they’re not posting Instagram pictures together as often.

Is Chris Bukowski breakup rumors are true?

Will we see Chris back on the bachelor Nation again?

As a bachelor’s top fan, I’m dying to know the answer to all these too.

But I’m gonna pull a Chris Harisson here. Chris Bukowski and I are first going to talk about his foray into entrepreneurship. I’ll dig in the REAL reason why he went on the bachelor back in 2012. We talk about how he got involved in Bitcoin and where he sees the community going.

Then, we’ll get to the most dramatic episode of Diva On the Block with all the hot juicy bachelor stuff. I’ll be grilling Chris to get the truth about him and Katie out.

After you watch the video, go to the comment section and let me know what you think of Chris Bukowski’s personal story, entrepreneurial journey, and his love for crypto and Bitcoin.

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How Chris Bukowski Got Involved with Bitcoin and Crypto

Chris first encountered crypto in 2016, in his words, out of “luck.”  He started investing when the price of Bitcoin was just around $450.

People had paid him in Bitcoin, and he wanted to cash it out immediately. But not knowing what he was doing, he ended up leaving it on his wallet.

This was a blessing in disguise, he ended up riding the 2017 bull market up to the top. he now regrets cashing parts of his Bitcoin holdings out early.

But this got him increasingly interested in the field. He became actively involved in the community shortly thereafter. He is now an advisor for Empire Hotels, a global platform, an app, where users can book rooms and experiences using both fiat and crypto assets, with the use of blockchain and smart contracts.

Where Chris Bukowski See The Bitcoin Price Going

Talking to Kiana Danial, Chris says he sees the price of Bitcoin rising in the future. Chris sees Bitcoin as a store of value.

With the halving come up next year and the decrease in supply, he says the price of Bitcoin may even rise three to four times its price today.

In addition to Bitcoin, Chris is also interested in the Korean project, ICON. He holds ICX altcoins on top of his Bitcoin investments.

Kiana Danial’s Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin Ichimoku cloud Analysis indicates mixed signals across different time frames in terms of BTC price prediction. On one hand, on the daily chart, the BTC/USD pair has crossed below the Ichimoku cloud and testing to break below the 61% Fibonacci retracement level of 7,362. A break below this level could open doors for further drops towards the key support level of $6,000.

On the other hand, on the weekly and monthly charts, the pair is being supported by the Ichimoku cloud. We won’t know until January 2020 if this support is going to hold the pair from further drops.

Interview Timestamp

Here are some of Chris Bukowski’s quotes during his interview with Invest Diva’s Kiana Danial

On getting into bitcoin

5:44 – ‘2016 is when I finally got into bitcoin.  And it was my luck – you know, sometimes you’ve got to be lucky to get into things.’

5:58 – ‘I got in (bitcoin) when it was about $450.  So, I got (in) pretty early.  And luckily enough I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, you know, with bitcoin… [My holdings] were on Bitpanda, which is a wallet, and I couldn’t really figure out how to get it off.  I was trying to cash it all out because someone paid me in bitcoin (and) I have no idea what this is.’

6:27 – ‘Had I left it all in there – I left about half of it in there… it would be worth alot more.  It was just the start of me getting extremely interested in bitcoin, and that kind of poured over to blockchain’.

What originally got him interested in bitcoin and crypto:
7:18 – ‘I knew about bitcoin, but of course it had kind of a reputation of it being used for the black market stuff.’

7:35 – ‘Someone’s like, ‘Can I pay you in bitcoin?’ I’m like ‘sure, why not’.

7:42 – ‘Just learning about how to get a digital wallet, and how to take it off a wallet, how to turn it into cash, which I didn’t do half of it.  But I just kind of  got so interested in it, and then went down this black hole of research, and learning about it, then talking to my friends about it, asking questions about it, I’ve been kind of obsessed with it ever since.’

On altcoins:

8:40 – ‘During 2017’s bull market I started getting into altcoins.’

8:49 – ‘I almost felt I was moving the market when I was buying some of these altcoins’

On current holdings:
09:44 – ‘My holdings right now are bitcoin, ICX, and the new Voyager coin which used to be Ethos.’

On advising companies on implementing crypto:

10:42 – ‘I think that’s the goal, is to find a use case for all these coins, especially bitcoin, because I think that’s what actually drives the price up is people actually using it.  It seems like everyone just holds onto it.’

On not currently being interested in payment crypto:

11:44 – ‘I think I’ll get more interested when some of these projects establish use for a lot of these coins.  I think there’s a lot of projects out there – we learned the hard way in the bear market after 2017 – is that a lot of these projects that have raised so much money, no one’s really even doing anything.  A lot of crypto projects struggle when it comes to branding and to marketing properly.  I think a lot of these projects are built strongly on the backend but on the front end looks like something you wouldn’t put a penny into.’

If the main thing when it comes to a cryptocurrency’s acceptance is leadership & marketing, as opposed to usability & low costs:
13:12 – ‘I think it comes to trust too.  I’m sure alot of these coins and these projects have use cases, but do you trust it?  There’s all these dollars being put into things, but if it doesn’t look friendly, and it’s not user friendly, alot of people aren’t going to use it.  I know I won’t.’

13:32 – ‘There could be projects that look great on the front end but there’s nothing on the back end… I think 98% of these things aren’t really where they need to be.  I think they’re trying, but I think we’re still years away from alot of these projects having actual use.’

On bitcoin as a store of value:

14:11 ‘That’s the way I see it.  I mean I constantly add to bitcoin… every week, even if its a couple hundred dollars.  I look at it as more of a long term investment.  So far so good!  So, I just keep adding to bitcoin.’

On keeping an eye on bitcoin’s price while on the set of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’:

19:55 ‘When we’re filming ‘Paradise’ we don’t have our phones or news or TV or any of that.  I think when I left for ‘Paradise’ in early June, bitcoin was around I think 6k, and while I was gone the whole Libra thing came out and bitcoin kinda pumped up to twelve grand.  So I was asking one of the handlers who had a phone every morning for a bitcoin price.’

20:30 ‘Maybe I should go back on the show so we can get bitcoin back up to, you know, tweleve thousand.’

On the future of bitcoin:

20:52 ‘As you said, supply.  We have a halving happening next year.  I think leading up to it, I think we’ll see definitely a price rise.  I don’t think we’ll ever see this alt market we saw in 2017.’

Chris Bukowski’s Bachelor Franchise History

The Bachelorette: Season 8.

Bachelor Pad: Season 3.

Bachelor in Paradise:, Season 1, Season 2, Season 6

Retired from reality TV in 2015.

He came back for Bachelor in Paradise 2019.

Chris Bukowski’s Foray To Investing & Entrepreneurship

From an early age, Chris Bukowski had a love for the hospitality industry which led him to a degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. From there Chris took on roles as an assistant to Oprah Winfrey’s chef to working in the VIP lounge at the Wynn Las Vegas. Post Vegas Chris had a three-year stint in TV where he garnered over 400K followers across his social media platforms.

This helped him accelerate his dream of opening up his own restaurant. He opened Bracket Room Sports Lounge and Eatery in 2012.

It has gathered national media attention from Good Morning America to Rush Limbaugh. The restaurant has expanded to DC airports and plans for further expansion in Chicago. After selling off most of his interests in Bracket Room Chris took on a marketing position with Rant Inc. to help magnify and revamp the brand.

After a year at Rant the company was acquired and the idea of KCM Create was put in place. Outside of his hospitality and digital experience Chris holds advisory roles with various startups in the fitness and dating space.

What Keeps Chris Bukowski Busy Now After Bachelor In Paradise Is Over

Chris is the Co-Founder of ‘KCM Create’, a digital agency.

He’s the owner of two sports bars: ‘The Bracket Room’ in Chicago, and ‘The Bracket Room’ in Arlington, Virginia.

On tops of these, Chris Bukowski  is also:

  • An advisor for ‘Forte’, a social and interactive platform,
  • Advisor for ‘Empire Hotels App’, a global platform and app, where users can book rooms and experiences using both fiat and crypto,
  • Advisor for ‘The Catch’, a female-centric dating app.

Chris Bukowski, Bachelor In Paradise star, talks Bitcoin with Invest Diva’s Kiana Danial

What do you think of Chris Bukowski’s personal story, entrepreneurial journey, and his love for crypto and Bitcoin?

Go to the video’s comments section and let me know.

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