How To Succeed in Life Without College Education

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How To Succeed in Life Without College Education

Is a college degree worth the time and money spent? Or can you succeed in life without college education? My guest today is Mark Moss, an investor, and entrepreneur with a passion to learn, improve daily and educate others so they too can live their life with fun, fulfillment and financial freedom. In this episode of the Invest Diva Movement, we cover so many awesome topics that can help you with your wealth, happiness and quality of life.

How To Start, Manage, & GROW Your Online Investment Portfolio
(Even if you’re not a math whiz, don’t have a ton of extra cash, and busy juggling life & kids. )

Here are some of the topics we discussed.


1. How to make it big in life without college education

Mark Moss admits that he would never go to a doctor without a college degree. But besides specialized degrees where you need the actual experiment that comes with a college education, Mark argues that a college degree is pretty much useless and a waste of money and time. I tend to agree. I studied Electrical Engineering for six years, and I did that in the Japanese language. At the end of my college education, I was introduced to the online financial markets and quickly realized the power of investing. While my college degree helped me get a job on Wall Street, everything I know about finance, economy, and investing has been self-taught.

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2- Is College Degree Necessary For Success?

For some fields, it is. But even if you have a college degree, the continued self-taught education after that is what will make or break your level of success in life. How To Teach Yourself Mark Moss talks about all the courses he has taken over the years, without the fear of a final exam to teach himself different skills. From real estate to marketing, to investing, to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Mark is a walking proof that self-taught education can lead to your success, as long as you implement the things you learn. Textbooks don’t teach you how to achieve success. The roadmap to success is implementation. I went to college and studied electrical engineering in Japanese. But I taught myself how to speak English through teaching, discipline, and putting my studies into work.

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3- The Bitcoin Revolution – What Makes Bitcoin Different Than Other Cryptocurrency

Mark Moss believes cryptocurrency is the best investment opportunity that we’ll see in our lifetime. We have these technological revolutions that happen every 50 years and we are in one right now. Blockchain and Bitcoin are going to bring about the largest shift that we’ve ever seen because it removes the need for trust. Bitcoin is the most proven asset and is the one that’s here to stay.

Bitcoin itself is the revolution.

Mark looks at the other crypto assets as little venture capital projects in the overall cryptocurrency revolution. In my book, Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies, I explain everything you need to consider before starting to invest in Bitcoin and other crypto-assets.

BTC/USD Price Action Today

Bitcoin has been losing its bullish momentum once again, pushing to break below the daily Ichimoku Cloud.

With this, we could expect to see yet another visit of the key support level of $7,514.

This level also falls on the 61% Fibonacci retracement level.