Zoom Stock Analysis 2020 – Is it Too Late to Buy?

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Zoom Stock Analysis 2020 – Is it Too Late to Buy?

Zoom Stock (ZM) Analysis – Is it Too Late to Buy?  I told our Invest Diva Premium Investing Group members to consider buying the Zoom stock (ZM) beginning of March at 112 and 107 and to take profit at 162… Those with medium risk tolerance who did follow this strategy, made money within 20 days while the rest of the market was panic selling… But now, the ZM stock price is taking a hit… Why is that, and what should you do next? Should you be investing in ZOOM? Is ZOOM a good buy now? Or is ZOOM a good stock to sell?

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ZOOM Stock Analysis 2020 – Fundamentals

Here are some facts about ZOOM as a company:

  • Zoom added more users in the first 2 months of this year than in all of 2019, racking up 2.2M new monthly users by the end of February.
  • Now it’s the world’s most popular iPhone and Android app. But Zoom has some (not so hidden) vulnerabilities… And Zoom’s privacy fails are getting more heat now that it’s really relevant:
  • Last year: Zoom had a security flaw that let hackers hijack your webcam.
  • Last week: Vice reported that Zoom was sending users’ data to Facebook, without really telling them about it, even if they didn’t have a Facebook account (sketch).
  •  Now: “Zoombombing” incidents — professional Zoom meetings get crashed by, say, a naked person shouting profanities. They’re surging.
  • So: NY’s Attorney General just sent Zoom a letter saying her office was “concerned” about this seemingly lax security. ZOOM doesn’t pay dividend payments. Zoom should’ve overreacted to privacy concerns… but it didn’t show investors a real effort to fix its privacy issues — so its stock is down 8% over the week.

ZOOM Stock Analysis (ZM) – Technicals

I share my investment strategy and ZOOM stock analysis for 2020 in this video. I also take a look at technical analysis and potential future prices.

After reaching our profit target of 162, ZOOM stock price has hit a resistance that combined with the fundamental issues with the company, has created a bearish momentum. In this video, I share my medium-term strategy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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