Intel Stock Analysis: is it better than AMD and NVDA in 2020

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Intel Stock Analysis: is it better than AMD and NVDA in 2020

Intel Stock Analysis: Is Intel stock (INTC) as good as its competition, AMD and NVDA? Intel Corp is one of the world’s largest chipmakers. It reported better-than-expected first-quarter last week. But probably was because of the Coronavirus lockdown, which has created a surge in screen time and gaming.

I’m going to conduct my Invest Diva diamond analysis or the IDDA for potential investment strategies for the Intel stock.

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Intel Stock Price Analysis – Fundamentals

Intel Corp said last week that data-center sales surged by 43% in its first quarter and that this was driven by demand for its computer-processing units. If you’ve known me for a while, you probably know that I’ve been very big on chip makers in my investment portfolio, but Intel has actually not been among my top long-term picks for a while. It’s competitors, AMD and NVDA, have made us a lot more profit than Intel stock.

Intel Stock Versus AMD and NVDA

AMD and Intel both make CPUs.

NVDA focuses on GPUs (graphics processing units).

Intel is also trying once again to compete in the graphics cards sector as well and has just released its new version of its Intel Graphics DCH drivers. AMD has really been able to pick up their businesses, they created killer CPUs that are doing really well for consumers and for businesses, in data centers and other places. AMD also makes GPUs and they’re competitive to Nvidia.

Nvidia is optimized to do AI training so they got a big push in AI. They’ve even got a software stack that goes along with it.  AMD GPUs haven’t been doing as well. If AMD is able to improve its GPUs they could get a really good push in terms of market share.

Here’s What Sets the Three Apart

The thing that really sets these companies aside from a financial point of view is market cap and R&D funds. Where Intel is significantly larger than both AMD and NVDA. They been acquiring new companies and are making some progress in GPUs.

But the thing that I personally have a problem with when it comes to Intel’s fundamentals, is its CEO, Bob Swan, is a former CFO. Chief Financial Officers by nature are very financially driven and they don’t really understand the technology, and might stand in the way of Intel really making progress in creating good quality GPUs and CPUs that can completely outperform AMD and NVDA. In the remainder of this video, I take a look at it from a technical point of view.

Despite this, Gilead is not yet in my top ten must-haves in the Invest Diva’s premium investing group  (PIG).

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Intel Stock Technical Analysis – Daily Chart

The stock price has recently broken above the Ichimoku cloud, and we have more bullish signals on the monthly chart. However, we could still see a pullback towards at least 56 and 53.

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normally when a stock or any kind of asset price breaks above an Ichimoku cloud we expected to have a pullback towards the upper band of the Ichimoku cloud.

Check out my full analysis in this video and tell me whether you’d consider adding Intel to your investment portfolio.

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