Alternative Cryptocurrency Investments: AMD, NVDA, INTC

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Alternative Cryptocurrency Investments: AMD, NVDA, INTC

Two of our favorite tech stocks that have made us over 455% return in the past year appear to be benefitting from the cryptocurrency market. I’m talking about AMD and NVDA. Could these be considered as an alternative to cryptocurrency investments?

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Our Investments in AMD and NVDA

If you’re a member of our Premium Investing Group, you probably have heard me go on and on about our “Must-Haves” for our portfolio. Two of the important ones since last year have been AMD and NVDA, which have made us over 500% return in the past year.

While there are so many other reasons why these types of stocks have been soaring, they’ve also been benefitting from all the noise around the cryptocurrency market. The reason for this is that cryptocurrency miners have to get their hands on high-end graphics processing units (GPUs) in order to mine efficiently. While the cryptocurrency market remains volatile, the price of GPUs continues to rise.

Will the Trend Continue?

We should take note that some of our favorite cryptocurrencies such as Ripple are not minable. So as the crypto-competition gets tighter, we could see investors turning into other means to get their hands on the digital assets.

Investors should also keep an eye on government regulations on the market. For example, on Wednesday, South Korean Government announced it would impose stricter regulation on cryptocurrency trading.

Keep in mind that they didn’t really talk about cryptocurrency mining, which brings us back to the importance of semiconductor providers such as AMD and NVDA.

There are other competitors re-emerging in the field too.

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And that is no other than Intel (INTC).

While they have been pushing through AI by making strategic acquisitions of companies such as Nervana, they are also moving to a develop their yen discrete GPUs.

One of their key moves was hiring AMD’s chief GPU architect, Raja Koduri back in November 2017.

What sets Intel apart is that they have their own fabrication facility. Others like NVDA have to outsource to Taiwan etc. they also have the money to invest in more things.
So Intel could easily become a threat to NVDA’s dominance in the field.  They’re also investing heavily in quantum computing.

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Alternative Cryptocurrency Investments Bottom Line

My point with all this is that if you’re interested in getting involved in the blockchain industry but are too scared of the volatile cryptocurrency prices, there are still other ways to get involved.

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