Stocks Overview: AMD, MU, NVIDIA, TSLA, HOT

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Stocks Overview: AMD, MU, NVIDIA, TSLA, HOT

Stocks Overview: AMD, MU, NVIDIA, TSLA, HOT

With the Fed signaling a potential rate hike, we could expect more strength in US dollar. But what can we expect from different stocks? In case you missed my Benzinga interview last week, you’re in luck today! Because I’m here to fill you in on my stocks Overview: AMD, MU, NVIDIA, TSLA, HOT  and more.  You can call me Professor Kiana. Of course, we are assuming that your current financial situation is healthy enough to invest.

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Kiana’s Stocks Overview: AMD, MU, NVIDIA, TSLA, HOT

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) – NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

If you read my previous take on AMD when it was still down at $1.19 you potentially enjoyed the 80% rise in its value. It still remains one of my top picks, as we could expect a pullback before it surges back up over the course of next couple of years.

Advanced Micro’s top competitor, NVIDIA Corporation NVDA, is set to introduce its next-generation GTX 1080 and 1070 graphic card this quarter. The introduction of a new competing product to Advanced Micro could result in a “turn-around” in the stock, but this might create an attractive buying point.

Advanced Micro’s new graphic cards will be introduced to the market in the third quarter of this year. Accordingly, the stock could break above the $4 per share mark at that time and advance toward the $9 per share level. Resistance remains at $34 per share area.

 The large and lucrative virtual reality market, in which Advanced Micro is hoping to gain a commanding market share, is the main force behind this forecast.

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Micron Technology – MU

Is it dead? Or is this a super exciting buy potential? To me, Micron is acting similar to oil prices on high supply and low demand end of 2015/ beginning of 2016. There is an oversupply of memory cards at the moment and a whole lot of companies are in the business of making them. This could explain why the stock prices are so low at the moment.

However they just released their new SSDs, have a partnership with Intel and are supplying new GDDR5X memory chips for NVidia’s new 1080 graphic cards. As the memory supply levels out, their stocks could significantly increase.

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Starwood (HOT) Taking over by Marriott (MAR)

Assuming Marriott can successfully execute the Starwood (NYSE:HOT) merger  Marriott’s market share dominance and economies of scale will be overwhelming, with these “best-in-class” competitive advantages:

  • The greatest number of hotels rooms worldwide
  • The leading loyalty program in the industry
  • Market dominance that can cut-out the fees paid to on-line travel agencies (OTA’s) by bringing bookings into Marriott’s own reservation platform, further improving already hefty industry margins.
  • Marriott’s own Visa branded card, which will allow it to save bank credit card fees.
  • Higher margins from savings from OTA’s and credit card fees will allow Marriott greater pricing flexibility in the Business, Resort, and Transient sectors because Marriott will have more flexible margins in slower periods.

To add to this, the hotel industry typically does well in good economic conditions. With the Fed’s confidence in the US economy, we could see a good turnaround in HOT stocks after the merger. The deal will give Starwood stockholders 0,8 shares of Marriott common stock plus $21 in cash for each share of Starwood common stock.

Listen to my interview on Benzinga for more on my Stocks Overview: AMD, MU, NVIDIA, TSLA, HOT.

Make sure you have checked your financial health before trading or investing. Your financial situation may not be suitable for the risk that involves in trading or investing activities.


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