Women Make Less than Men after Kids: Forex Trading is the Answer

Women Make Less than Men after Kids: Forex Trading is the Answer

According to MSNB’s report this morning, women with children make less money than their male counterparts (men’s income: 55%, women’s income: 45%)
while single women in their twenties make more than men. This means women have the talent and skills, but just not the time to make more money after having to cut down on working hours.

Now a Pew Research Center report tells us that young women have become more likely than young men to say that a high-paying career is very important to them.So what are women to do after having children?

The answer is online forex trading, also known as foreign exchange, or currency trading. Retail forex trading is becoming increasingly popular around the globe, and especially among Japanese housewives, known as Mrs. Watanabe housewives. Women are generally known to be more risk-avers and more teachable, two important qualities of any successful trader which are more unlikely among men because of their inherited alpha male complex.

Did you know that you can trade forex any time of the day, from any location? The currency market is the largest financial market in the world, almost 53 times larger than any stock market. With proper education, any mother can become a successful forex trader. Forex trading is the new trend. Become a Forex Diva.

By Kiana Danial at Forex Diva