More Money Saving Tips

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More Money Saving Tips

There are so many little things you can do to save, and end up accumulating enough money to invest in the forex market without touching your savings account. Here is a bit more!Michelle: Learn from Granny!

1) Always have snacks, an apple and a banana in your purse when going window shopping. I’m not cheap, but rather spend more on things that add actual value to my life

2) Avoid getting that overpriced, delicious-smelling popcorn in the movies. Not only you’ll save up a monthly cash, but also will do your body a favor but not letting pure fried butter in your vessels

Tanya: The Magic of my Water Bottle

It’s amazing how much money my water bottle has saved me. I’m never without my water bottle, so I’ve never had to stop and buy water. Any fast food restaurant has water in the soda machine and I just fill my bottle up on the go.

Erica: Fix it

1) Repair your shoes instead of throwing them away. Your closet won’t have space for a new pair of shoes that way

2) Get a tailor to resize your clothes after you lose all that weight by avoiding dessert and alcohol (two birds with one stone baby!)

Aya: Before you Throw, Put it on the List

Getting cash back for your old stuff? There is no harm, plus, you may actually really help somebody out! After I decide that I’m done using something or when I’m moving, I always take nice photos of them and put an ad on Craigslist, eBay or my building’s board or online listing. Even if I don’t end up sending them, I often times end up making some new friends!

Jean: Set it and Forget it

Every time I get a paycheck, I transfer a fixed amount to savings, investing and debt repayment. I also charge monthly utility bills automatically to a credit card (and pay them off the same month) to build history without any manual effort. The set-it-and-forget-it mentality helps me focus on my investments, including the ones in the forex market

Nicole: Be an Early Bird

1) Many social events and parties offer a discount if bought in advance. Buy it first and then be the leader in convincing your friends to join you

2) Buy your airplane tickets early and don’t worry about being alone on the plane. Your friends may take forever to make the final decision. Here you have the choice, do you want to save 100 bucks, or you really need to have someone on the plane with you?

Kristine: Should You Let TV to Rule Your Life?

I’m no Amish, nor old fashioned, but in my 25 years of life, I have never had TV. My parents never let me to have one, and after going independent, I never felt the urge to get one either. When I compare my lifestyle to my friends with TV, I notice that not only I save $80+ per month for cable, and 500+ every four years to upgrade for the latest flat TV, but also I don’t let TV to rule my life. I never have to rush home to catch my 8 pm TV show. I can simply watch them online by spending minimum amounts on Hulu or Netflix.