TaTaTu Rewards You for Watching Movies – and its Token TTU is Feeling the Love

TaTaTu Rewards You for Watching Movies – and its Token TTU is Feeling the Love

All about TaTaTu Crypto: There is no secret that most cryptos in top 100 correlate with Bitcoin’s movements. But there are always exceptions to the rules, and you can find them in new or up-and-coming cryptocurrencies. During this week’s bloodbath, Tatatu, a new social media platform saw its token TTU take off further.

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What is Tatatu?

Tatatu is a UK-based social entertainment company which gives you free TTU tokens just for signing up. It even rewards you everytime you or your friends watch a movie, music videos, or almost anything entertainment for free on their platform. Now how do they make money, you ask? So far it appears to me that they get paid through ads. Once you try signing up, they ask you to consent that you’d be sent a bunch of ads (only of your liking) and occasionally they might even ask you for your comments on services that TaTaTu provides. It sure sounds pretty cool and that’s why they believe they have got the future of entertainment and blockchain industry all figured out.

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How’s Tatatu’s Token TTU been Doing?

After launching the largest cryptocurrency reward in history, Tatatu’s token surged 341% on August 18th to new highs above $0.80. It has since been consolidating within a narrow range between the all-time-high levels and $0.70.

With a market cap of around $72 million, TTU ranks 83 on the crypto list. It has a total supply of 10 billion TTUs with only 96 million of it currently circulating at a volume of around $300,000 in the past 24 hours. Its price was up 5% to $0.74 on Tuesday while the majority of other cryptos were dropping.

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Personally I haven’t yet tried their platform to see what they’ve got available, but for now, it seems they’ve got an interesting plan going for early adopters. Have you tried out the Tatatu platform? If so, tell us what you think right here in the comments. Join our investing group to get the latest trading signals, stop-loss, take-profit and other limit order ideas on cryptocurrencies, forex and stocks. Our comprehensive signals will help you create a unique strategy for you, according to your risk tolerance.

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