New Blockchain ETF to Begin Trading in September on Canadian Exchange

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New Blockchain ETF to Begin Trading in September on Canadian Exchange

We’ve been patiently waiting for the SEC to make a decision on the first-ever Bitcoin ETF. But for those who are passionate about the blockchain industry, and want to get indirect exposure, there is a new blockchain ETF that could be coming out next month. Oh, by ETF, I’m talking about an Exchange Traded Fund. Read about it here.

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How’s This New Blockchain ETF Different?

Issued by the Vancouver-based First Block Capital, this blockchain ETF is called the FBC Digital Ledger Technology Adopters ETF. Sure, there are already a couple of ETFs out there who focus on companies with blockchain in mind, including the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF and the Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF. But First Block is aiming to make this one more accessible by reducing the premium fees. They’re also focusing beyond just tech companies like Nvidia.

There are so many public retail companies who are investing heavily in the blockchain technology, including Overstock and Walmart. While we don’t know exactly what this new ETF around the block will be holding in its basket, according to the company’s COO, Bill Stormont, it will at least have names like Walmart and Maersk.

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What’s the ETA?

The company is in the final stages of getting regulatory approval for this new blockchain ETF. Its shares will start to start trading on Canada’s Aequitas NEO Exchange in September.

Anything else?

According to Bloomberg, ETF will be sub-managed by Bruce Campbell, portfolio manager at StoneCastle Investment Management Inc., and roughly 75 percent-weighted toward blue-chip stocks. Only a quarter of the portfolio will be invested in higher-risk developers and cryptocurrency miners.

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