Save Money on Mani-Pedi

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Save Money on Mani-Pedi

Kate’s secret in saving hundreds of dollar in the salon is very simple: Treat yourself to an at-home manicure. She happens to be one of those girls who can’t fall asleep if her nails aren’t beautifully painted. Her nails haven’t seen an unpolished day for years. One reason for this is that she has super weak nails, and the base coat helps enormously with preventing her nails from breaking. You know how much time and money she saves by avoiding the journey to the nail salon? Plenty!Here are simple steps you need to take to give yourself a manicure while watching your favorite TV show.

1)      Remove old nail polish thoroughly

2)      File your nails before jumping into the shower

3)      Remove your cuticles before finishing your shower, after you have spend enough minutes under hot water for your skin to get softer

4)      Apply moisturizer to your hands. Actually, don’t stop at your hands. Did you know one of the main reasons of developing premature wrinkles is lack of moisture in your skin? Make it a habit to use body lotion and facial cream every time you get out of the shower, before allowing dry air enter your skin.

5)      Turn on the TV, log onto your Facebook account, or open your favorite book (Smart Girl’s Guide to Forex Trading)

6)      Apply base coat or nail support

7)      Apply polish or French lines

8)      Apply top coat

9)      Enjoy your TV show, Facebook newsfeed or book while allowing your nails to dry

Tip 1: For faster drying process, you can use a hair dryer set on “cold” and strongest power. 5 minutes per hand will allow you to leave home immediately without screwing up your nail polish.

Tip 2: Buy high quality nail polish, base coat and top coat to enjoy your shiny nails for a longer period before you have to do the whole above procedure again.

Samantha: Let it last longer “When I get a mani/pedi, I always choose a color I already own so I can do touch-ups myself. Additionally, I always finalize the salon treatment by adding a layer of UV cut top coat and make it last 3-4 weeks before needing to go back to the salon.”