Money Mindset Shift: 4 Steps To Put Your Mindset to Work!

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Money Mindset Shift: 4 Steps To Put Your Mindset to Work!

Are you ready for some money mindset shift? Last week, we talked about the power of your money mindset—which is how you think and feel about money—to sabotage your wealth. This week, we’re going to talk about we can make your mindset work for you, instead of against you.

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If you went through the exercises I gave you last week, you should have uncovered some patterns in your behavior around money and some underlying beliefs. Maybe you found one dominant money block, or maybe you found several sneaky ones all working together to undermine your relationship with money.


Regardless of the exact type of money sabotage you’re dealing with, it almost always comes down to a scarcity mentality, a way of thinking that tells us there’s not enough money, we don’t deserve it, it’s hard to get, or it’s impossible to keep. This kicks up confusion and anxiety and fear, and those emotions actually repel money by blinding us to opportunities and preventing us from getting clarity about our finances.


The good news is that now that you’re aware of your money sabotages, you’re actually in a very powerful position. You can rewire your thoughts to make them attract wealth into your life, instead of sabotaging it. this is called a money mindset shift.


The key to money mindset shift is to train your mind away from a scarcity mentality where money is rare and hard to get, and begin creating an abundance mentality that opens up new channels for wealth to flow to you.

Today I’m going to give you four easy, practical steps that will train your brain to stop sabotaging and start attracting!


Money Mindset Shift Step #1: Check your accounts every day

That’s right. All your accounts, every day. It won’t take that long. Just set aside five or ten minutes every morning to review your checking and savings, investments, retirement, credit cards—everything.

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This does two things. On a practical level, being aware of what’s going on in your money world can help you head off overdraft charges and late fees before they happen.


But more importantly, doing this normalizes our relationship with money. For a lot of us, money brings up so many crazy emotions that we avoid dealing with it until we absolutely have to. If you get into the habit of checking your accounts every day, you’ll find that those emotional charges start to fade. You’ll become more objective about your money, and then you can begin to control it, rather than letting it control you.

Money Mindset Shift Step #2: Track your money

Start keeping track of literally every penny that comes into or out of your life. From your monthly salary to a gift card you get for your birthday to the nickle you find on the sidewalk, write down everything that comes in. Likewise, keep track of every single penny that you spend.


Like checking your accounts every day, this habit helps us understand what’s actually happening with our money as opposed to what we think is happening with it.

As a bonus, you may find that you have more money coming into your life from more sources than you realized, and you’ll probably also uncover some expenses that aren’t adding value to your life that you can cut out painlessly.

Money Mindset Shift Step #3: Watch your language

Last week I told you to pay attention to how you talk about money. Do you say things like “We can’t afford it,” “I’m terrible with money,” or “Only greedy people get rich”?

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What you say about money reinforces your beliefs about it, and it also lets everyone around you know how you feel about it. I want you to start taking note of the negative things you say and replace them with money-positive phrases.


For example, instead of saying, “We can’t afford it,” you could say, “Let’s start saving for that.” Instead of saying, “I’m terrible with money,” say, “I’m learning how to manage my money.” Instead of “Only greedy people get rich,” say, “With the right mindset, anyone can get rich.”

It may not sound like a big deal, but being mindful about how you talk about money makes a huge difference in your ability to attract it into your life.

Money Mindset Shift Step #4: Be Grateful

Last but not least, this is my secret weapon that will help you get over your money blocks faster than anything else. Every evening, just before you go to bed, take a few minutes to write down at  least 10 things you’re grateful for. Could be big or small, money-related or not. Whether it’s having a safe place to live or the love of your children or just getting the perfect parking space that morning, take a moment to acknowledge it and be grateful. 

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The thing is, when you focus on what you don’t have, fear and anxiety dominate your life, and you close yourself off to new opportunities. When you focus on what you do have, though, you’re giving joy and love a chance to run the show, and you’re opening yourself up to boundless possibilites.

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