Is your money mindset secretly sabotaging your wealth?

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Is your money mindset secretly sabotaging your wealth?

Money Mindset and your Wealth: Is it possible that your subconscious beliefs about money are holding you back from having more, or from enjoying what you have?

 Today we’re going to talk about your money mindset, what it is and how it might be holding you back from a wealthier, more abundant life.

What do we mean when we talk about Money Mindset?

Your money mindset is your beliefs and feelings around money. You picked them up when you were a child from your parents, from your friends, from your religious and cultural beliefs, from stories you read, from things you saw on TV. Now they’re sunk so deeply into your subconscious that you don’t even think about them.

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Now, if your mindset about money is negative—for example, if you secretly think that money is the root of all evil, or that money is hard to come by—then there’s a good chance those beliefs are getting in the way of you actually having money or being able to enjoy it. In other words, they’re sabotaging your wealth.

What do money sabotages look like?

Your money sabotages can show up in a variety of ways. For example, we might say we want to have more money. But many of us actually push it away, maybe by spending too much or not charging what we’re worth. Others of us will hold on tightly to our money, hoarding it in an effort to feel secure without truly enjoying it or learning how to manage it. And still others of us like to think that we’re above money, that it’s tacky or greedy or unspiritual to want more than we have. 

The truth is that money isn’t good or bad. It’s simply a tool. But it’s a very powerful tool, and throughout our lives, we attach a lot of very strong emotions to it. Sometimes, these emotions are good, but often they’re negative. Emotions such as guilt, fear, shame, and helplessness inform how we relate to money and ultimately sabotage our efforts to have more money and to enjoy it more.

Now, why would you sabotage yourself?

Over time, we get so used to these feelings and thought patterns that breaking out of them feels uncomfortable, even dangerous. We may not be happy about where we are financially, but at least it’s familiar, so we sabotage anything that looks like it might take us out of that familiar place.

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For example, let’s say you grew up in a house where there was never enough money at the end of the month to pay all the bills and your parents were always stressed out. Now you’re an adult. But you find that no matter how much money you make, you still run out of it before the end of the month. Subconsciously, there’s a part of you that feels comfortable with the status quo. It wouldn’t know what to do with itself if there was extra money lying around. So without really thinking about it, you spend too much and save too little just so you can stay in that familiar place.

What are YOUR money mindset sabotages?

Of course, no two people have the same experiences, and everyone’s money mindsets are different. The first step to getting out of a negative money mindset is to look for clues about your own money stories.

Start by looking at your childhood memories around money. Write down any memory that triggers an emotion around money for you, both good and bad. 

Next, look for patterns in your current life around money. Do you find yourself dealing with the same kinds of money problems over and over or making the same bad decisions? Are you repeating or reacting against patterns you saw in childhood?

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Now check your emotions around money. Are there particular situations that trigger you around money, making you jealous, anxious, embarrassed or upset?


Finally, think very carefully about how you talk about money. Do you fight about it with your husband? Or maybe say things like, “I could never afford that”? Do you make disparaging remarks about people who have more or less money than you? Or do you avoid talking about it completely, even when you know you should?

Really spend some time studying your thoughts and habits around money. Journal about what turns up for you. Pretty soon, you’ll start to become consciously aware of your sabotages. That’s a very powerful place to be because now you can start to change them. 

Make your money mindset work for you

Once you’ve begun to understand the power that your subconscious thoughts have over your behavior, you can use that knowledge to your advantage. You can literally rewire your mind for wealth. Be sure to check in next week when I share my secrets to shifting your mindset from sabotage to self-empowerment.

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