Meta Stock Analysis – IS IT TIME TO SELL?

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Meta Stock Analysis – IS IT TIME TO SELL?

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Should You Buy Meta Stock Right Now?

I’m finally up 40% on my Meta stock position in my four million dollar stock portfolio after being in the red for almost all of 2022.

The tech earnings season is finally here and with the sector flying high, I’m curious to find out in my meta stock analysis – is it time to sell or is it time to take profit from my Meta stock and move on to a different investment. Or perhaps I should keep compounding on Meta? Let’s find out…

In this blog post, I’ll be analyzing Meta stock from a fundamental, sentimental, and technical point of view to create a strategy that matches my risk tolerance and current financial situation.

This analysis process is a part of my award-winning five-step process called the Invest Diva Diamond Analysis also known as the IDDA that has helped thousands of women take control of their financial future and make their money work for them.

Fundamental Analysis

Meta is a strong company with a solid track record of growth. They have a dominant position in the social media market and are well-positioned to continue to grow in the future. However, they have also been facing some challenges, such as the recent decline in user growth.

Sentiment Analysis

The sentiment towards Meta is mixed. Some investors are bullish on the company, while others are bearish. The recent earnings report was positive, but it’s unclear if this will be enough to offset the challenges that Meta is facing.

Technical Analysis

The technical analysis of Meta stock is mixed. The stock has been on a strong uptrend in recent months, but it has also started to show signs of topping out. The Fibonacci retracement levels suggest that the stock could pull back to the $263, $229, or $198 level.

meta stock analysis is it time to sell

Investment Strategy

Based on my analysis, I believe that Meta stock is a good long-term investment. However, I’m planning to wait for a pullback before buying more. I would consider setting buy limit orders at the $263, $229, or $198 level.


Whether or not you should buy Meta stock right now depends on your individual risk tolerance and investment goals. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, I think Meta is a good option to consider.

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What did you think of my Meta stock analysis – is it time to sell? What is your opinion? Will you be setting buy limit orders on this asset? What other tech stocks interest you more than Meta and why? Leave me a comment below, I would love to know!

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