Top AI Stocks for 2023 (in my $4 million stock portfolio)

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Top AI Stocks for 2023 (in my $4 million stock portfolio)

Top AI stocks for 2023

Welcome back, Invest Divas & Invest Divos! Today, I’m excited to share with you the top AI stocks for 2023 and eVTOL investments in my $4 million dollar TD Ameritrade portfolio. As always, please remember that this is not financial advice, but rather my personal opinions based on my own investment holdings.

So, let’s dive right in and conduct a quick Invest Diva Diamond Analysis (IDDA) on each of these assets to help you assess their suitability for your own portfolio.

Top AI Stocks in My Portfolio: NVIDIA, Meta, Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla

The first batch of AI stocks in my portfolio features some big names like Nvidia, Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla. Nvidia, in particular, has been a long-term favorite of mine, and I’ve been buying it since 2016. However, I did sell 90% of my Nvidia shares in April 2023 to help fund the down payment on my dream home. Now, I’m eyeing the best price to get back in, considering the historical price patterns, chart analysis, and market sentiment.

Analyzing Nvidia

Nvidia (NVDA) has a track record of tremendous growth, followed by significant retracements. If it continues to follow a similar pattern, we might see its price ballooning up to around a thousand dollars per share in the coming years. Currently, it has reached all-time high levels, and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates a slightly overbought condition. From a value investing perspective, it might be a bit stretched at the current market price, so I’m considering setting buy limit orders at key support levels around $400 and $337.

Other AI Stocks: Baidu, Google, and Tencent

Baidu (BIDU), another AI stock, hasn’t been performing as well as Nvidia, but it still holds growth potential. Market sentiment seems bullish on Baidu, with positive ratings from various platforms. If I were to start investing in Baidu or topping up my current holdings, I’d consider buying at key psychological levels around $140, $128, and $117.

As for Google (GOOG), it has seen some modest gains, but it still has room to grow. However, a potential double top pattern could signal a drop in price. If I didn’t already have Google stocks in my portfolio, I would consider purchasing at $123, $115, and $107.

Lastly, Tencent (TCEHY), a company with significant long-term potential, is currently below its all-time high levels. Although it has been underperforming for me, I’d consider setting buy limit orders at around $41, $38, and $34.

Top AI Stocks for 2023

Exploring eVTOL Investments: Joby, Archer, and Lilium

In addition to AI stocks, I’m also invested in the eVTOL sector, an exciting area of technology. Joby Aviation (JOBY), one of the eVTOL companies I’m invested in, has seen a 70% increase in value. While it’s currently facing some resistance around $11, I’d consider setting buy limit orders at $8.18, and $7.32.

Archer Aviation (ACHR) is another eVTOL investment that is still below its all-time high levels. I’d consider setting buy limit orders at $4.5, $4, and $3.64 for this asset.

Lastly, Lilium (LILM), an eVTOL investment that has been performing poorly, would require a more thorough fundamental analysis before I consider buying more. Currently, I’m down nearly 80% on this investment.


In your search for the top AI stocks for 2023, always remember that diversification is key when building a strong investment portfolio, and that’s why I’ve chosen a mix of AI stocks and eVTOL companies. However, it’s important to conduct thorough analysis and understand the fundamentals before investing.

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Did your top AI stocks for 2023 feature in my list above? Let me know what your favorite AI stock is in the comments and why and remember to share this blog post with 3 people so that you can help them on their journey to building generational wealth.

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