Aussie Dollar Gains

Aussie Dollar Gains

From the New York Stock Exchange, I’m Kiana Danial also known as Invest Diva, and this is your Diamond analysis of a currency pair dancing on the forex dance floor; a metaphor we use at Invest Diva’s education program which refers to the trading chart. We like to think that the currency pairs are making history by their dancing moves.

The pick of the day is AUD/USD since Mr. Aussie pushed 16 of his major dancing partners to the north as employers added more than three times the amount of jobs estimated.  Unemployment still in line with expectations at 6%. New Zealand’s Dollar also saw record jumps, after Governor Graeme Wheeler became the first country with a G10 currency to raise benchmark interest rates since 2011. The rise will be from 25 to 2.75%. We also saw considerably worse than expected Chinese industrial production down almosta percent from expectations and retail sales down 1.7% from expectations. Markest will feel these figures across the globe and worries concerning China are not looking like they are going to go any time soon.

The rest of the day is relatively quiet, with advance US retail sales this afternoon and US jobless data confirmation of previous figures.

On the daily dance floor, AUD/USD broker above the bearish Ichimoku cloud with the following cloud signaling more gains, and the Tenkan line on the verge of crossing above the Kijun line. The pair is now pushing to break above the 38% Fibonacci level at 0.90738. A break above this level could bring more gains towards 0.91932. Support levels are 0.89734, 0.89223. On the other hand, a break below 0.89 could bring the pair down to 0.86837.

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