Wolf of Wall Street

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Wolf of Wall Street

So I watched this highly anticipated movie the other day. My thoughts? Several times during the movie I considered changing my profession. For a trader and coach who prides herself in responsible and transparent investing education, this true story of Wall Street corruption was quite disturbing to watch.

I was ashamed to walk inside the New York Stock Exchange the next morning to deliver my daily market report while being surrounded by Wall Street traders and brokers. After having numerous uncomfortable flashbacks from scenes of The Wolf of Wall Street, I had to go back to my principles. Why the heck did I ever involve myself in trading?  Laughing out loud. I had almost forgotten. This was precisely the reason why I started the Invest Diva education course; to reveal the secrets of the trading/ brokerage industry who prevents retail traders from making money.

We won’t be giving up anytime soon. As the number of our students grows, more finance novices learn the truth about forex trading and how to make money in the world’s largest financial market. We are putting forth great effort to educate traders around the globe. My daily market reports directly from NYSE are distributed on international web TVs, and we are planning to produce trading signals, market reports and webinars in three different languages very soon.

So stay tuned and prepare yourself for real trading by graduating our education course in the meantime.