Voice of America (VOA) on Invest Diva

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Voice of America (VOA) on Invest Diva

Voice of America, VOA’s Persian desk introduces Kiana Danial, Invest Diva, and Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex.

Narration by Melodi Safavi.

Production by Shahriar Shahamat.

Kiana Danial is the founder and CEO of Invest Diva who aims to educate and empower women to trade currencies online, and make money responsibly on the side.

She combines serious trading analysis methods and risk management in a  straight-forward and humorous language in her book and online video education course.

Having always being a minority of some sort in different stages of her life, Kiana aims to inspire the minorities and women in the male dominated industries to leverage their own unique skills and reach their highest potential.

Less than two weeks after her book was published by McGraw-Hill, Kiana is gaining international attention from the media and people who are fascinated by her journey.

Her book has been sold out on several book stores locations throughout the US which is proof of her success in targeting the masses and delivering complex theory, concepts and methods is east to understand language that all can comprehend and benefit from.

Having had worked in different segments of the forex industry, including the back-end, liquidity providers, brokers, education and FX analysis companies, she has a wide understanding of this enormous global market. She has previously worked for FXCM Inc. and its online news and marketing arm, DailyFX, ForexTV, and Effex Capital. The wide range of experience uniquely positions her to be the leader in education in online forex trading and risk management.