TRON TRX Aims for All-Time-High Levels on New Announcements

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TRON TRX Aims for All-Time-High Levels on New Announcements

TRON TRX Aims for All-Time-High Levels on New Announcements: Tron’s token, TRX was one of the biggest winners on the top 20 list with a 35% gain.

The surge came on the news that Tron will soon launch its Mainnet, leaving ERC20 network to establish its own. Once Tron’s Mainnet is launched, it will place the cryptocurrency in direct competition with Ethereum.

Meanwhile, in a Medium post published on the 21st of April, the TRON team announced that 30 million TRX would be distributed via an airdrop to the Ethereum community as a “show of gratitude” for their support during the developmental phase of the project.

Furthermore, TRON is reportedly going to be listed on Coinbene.

Looking at its price action, TRX/USD is fast reaching its all-time-high and ICO level of 0.085. After a long period of consolidation between 0.027 and 0.055, TRX finally broke above the latter resistance level on Monday and sky-rocketed up on Tuesday. The lowest TRX has ever been was on the same day of its all-time-high and ICO on 24th of January 2018, when it tested 0.0002 before ending the day at 0.070. This shows TRX is not immune to volatility and once it reaches the resistance, we could still see a dramatic pullback in its price.

With $5 billion in market capitalization, TRON is the 11th largest cryptocurrency on the list at the time of writing.

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