Pi Day Wedding – Hawaiian Celebration on 3/14/15

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Pi Day Wedding – Hawaiian Celebration on 3/14/15

Celebrating Einstein’s birthday and THE Pi day of the century (3.14.15) are two geeks who decided that this day should also be their wedding day. That is why a Pi Day Wedding is how they tied the knot.

Featured on Bridal Guide Magazine, the engineers who have been celebrating Pi Day for years got married on this century’s significant one — at 9:26:53 a.m. and p.m., the date and time together represented the first 10 digits of π: 3.141592653.

What are the odds that an Aussie/Italian rocket scientist, meets and falls in love with a Persian investor who earned her electrical engineering degree from Japan?!

Pi Day Wedding – Maui, Hawaii

And as is always the case with a unique tale like this, the two strongly independent geeks had also imagined getting married on Pi Day, 2015 (THE pi day of the century), and in Hawaii of all places.

Before meeting Matt, Kiana had actually reminded her Facebook friends about the significance of the upcoming pi day:

Matt, on the other hand, brags about his ability to be able to recite the first 20 digits of Pi without taking a breath.

But March 14th, 2015 isn’t only special from this aspect. It is also called White Day in Japan. You see, in Japan, Valentine’s day is celebrated differently than elsewhere in the world. On February 14th, girls get their aprons on and bake heart-shaped chocolates for the men in their lives; and not only men with whom they are romantically involved.

In return, on March 14th, guys who received chocolates would repay girls with White Day cookies… and more! If you receive a super expensive gift from your classmate you never thought of “that way,” you would now know that he is definitely interested.

So to combine the couple’s favorite day of the century, and the romantic aspect of Pi Day in Japan where Kiana lived and studied for 7 years, they decided that they should throw the geekiest Pi-Day-themed wedding of all time and show the world how much fun two geeks can have.

Pi Day Wedding Aisle

The Pi day wedding ceremony started at 3 PM (Maui time) on an elevated point with a beautiful background view of the ocean and Lanai island.

Kiana walks down the aisle covered in π shaped patterns made of white orchid petals.

Pi Day T-shirts

After the ceremony, all guests will receive a Pi Day 2015 commemorative t-shirt. They can pick from two designs, available for men, women, and kids.

And the shirts would of course go inside a Pi Day-themed Bag to make the whole set complete.

Pi Day Cake

Remember Monica from FRIENDS once talked about every girl’s dream wedding cake, with a little “bride and groom” on top?

Turns out this is not the case for Kiana who is willing to go all the way just to prove that they are true Pi day fans.

In true geeky fashion, they have come up with the perfect shape for their wedding cake (see below).  The cake will have two layers with chocolate crème in the lower layer and coconut crème in the top.

Count Down to Pi Day Cake Cutting

And to sum it all up, they have a one-of-a-kind count down for their cake cutting. With a true New York Style NYE countdown presented by DJ Liam, all the guests will count the last 10 seconds, 43, 44, 45,…. so that the happiest geeky couple cut into the sweetness of their Pi cake at exactly 9:26:53 pm, which will coincide with pi to 9 digits.

I told you March 14, 2015, at 9:26:53 will be epic, didn’t I?

Kiana Danial – Matthew Tarascio Pi Day Wedding Hawaii

Pi Day Wedding – A Kiss under the waterfall – Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii

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