New Mobius DApp Store Ranks Number One on Google Search

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New Mobius DApp Store Ranks Number One on Google Search

Today we’re taking a look at one of the lesser-known cryptocurrencies which just had some big announcements, Mobius, and its token, MOBI. Ranked 334 on crypto market cap list, Mobius launched their new DApp store end of June. Since then, the new Mobius DApp store has ranked number one on Google search. Not only that, they also announced the Mobius Global Hackathon featuring 800K in MOBI prizes.

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About New Mobius DApp Store

The new Mobius DApp Store is designed by a former senior designer from Netflix. It does not hold any user or developer crypto assets and is not an intermediary in the DApp payment process.

This makes the Mobius DApp Store a censorship-free and decentralized ecosystem where businesses can launch their own unique products. The cryptocurrency aims to connect blockchain to people and their devices.

Some users of the new Dapp store include Naira and Stellarball who say it allowed them to “quickly and easily start accepting blockchain payments and connect to the blockchain ecosystem.”

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Mobius (MOBI) Trading Info

On the other hand, Mobius token is not widely available for trading on large cryptocurrency exchanges. You can buy MOBI on exchanges such as BitMart, StellarPort, and Kucoin, only by trading a few other tokens such as Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens, and Ethereum.

Versus the USD, its price surges 3% on Sunday, July 1st, reaching 0.0397.

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