Invest Diva Metaphors for Forex Trading Education

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Invest Diva Metaphors for Forex Trading Education

Forex Party - Invest Diva Metaphors

Here is the list of Invest Diva metaphors in our forex trading education series, which we developed to help your learning experience more fun and engaging.


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Forex Party – Invest Diva Metaphors

The online platform where you can find the latest rates of different currency pairs, their previous rates dating back to years ago, and their movements which can be shown in lines, bars, candles, etc.

Forex Party - Invest Diva Metaphors Forex Party – Invest Diva Metaphors

International couples – Invest Diva Metaphors

We refer to currency pairs as international couples in Invest Diva’s Forex Coffee Break Education Course as well as in the Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money on Forex book.

These international couples include the majors, the minors and the exotics. Examples: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF

Dance Floor – Invest Diva Metaphors

The forex chart. It shows the movement of the prices of the currency pairs over a specific period of time. We like to think that it is the currency pair that is dancing on the floor, not its price!

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One of the ways to forecast the pair’s next move (or moves), is to find patterns on their previous moves. Since we have all their history of movements printed right in front of us on the forex dance floor, the easiest way to find the patterns is by drawing lines within the historical data. There are so many different lines that we can draw on the dance floor. Learn about them in your next coffee breaks.

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