Currency Pairs Party

Currency Pairs Party

It’s now time to dig in and see what the forex world is all about. If you are a party girl, you can relate to this very well. If you don’t like to party, well, I’m sorry but I have to notify you that….

It’s time to PARTAY!

Imagine you have an international boyfriend, someone who is not from your ethnicity.

So it’s like if you are Asian, your boyfriend is European. If you are American, he can be British, Portuguese, or even a hot (hopefully non-geeky) Japanese. The point is, you can NOT have a date who comes from your own country in this party.

So, you and your international partner enter a party and start dancing.

Oops.. it seems you two are by all means not compatible: Every time you make a good move, your partner screws up. Every time he picks up the rhythm, you are stuck in your previous move. Obviously you gain some attention and a bunch of your friends who are watching you guys, start betting on which one of you is going to screw up next.

They keep track of each of your moves and keep betting. In the first round, some of your friends make money, and some other lose. Then your friends will get all excited and will probably start predicting and betting on which one of you guys is going to make better moves in the next party. After all, it could be an easy way to make money, right?

This party is exactly what the forex world is about. The international couple can be a metaphor of the currency pairs. The dance party is a metaphor of a forex trading platform. The audience who are betting on your performance, are the forex traders.

In your romantic vision, maybe “two”, is better than “one.” Most of us are constantly looking for our soul-mate. That is exactly the bright side of forex trading: there are no single ladies!

At forex trading, currencies ALWAYS come in pairs. There will be no parties for singles to mingle. The parties are always filled with couples — International ones.

The downside of this fairy tale international love story is that the currency pairs are in a constant competition. One of them will always outperform the other one, and the traders bet on which side will win. It is definitely not a healthy relationship, but it is what it is, and some smart people -AKA Forex Divas- can start making money out of the pairs’ competition.

Now let’s get this party started. There are different parties going on, and you can attend which ever you like.

On the venue you have:

– Major currency pair party,

– Major cross-currency pair party, or so called “Minor Currency Pair Party”

– Exotic pair party

Disclaimer: Exotic pairs may sound sexy but my recommendation to you is this: Hold your horses.

In your next coffee break, you will learn all about the parties.