Major Currency Pairs Party

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Major Currency Pairs Party

There are seven currency pairs that are called the majors. You can find them in Forex Diva’s major currency pair party.Now guess where the party is located. If you said the United States of America, you are just about right; Each of the major currency pairs contain the US dollar.Imagine this: currencies from areas such as the UK (British pound), Europe (euro), Japan (yen), Switzerland (Swiss Franc), Canada (Canadian dollar,) New Zealand (New Zealand dollar) and Australia (Australian Dollar) are all a bunch of guys, and they decide to go to a party and find a dancing partner.

Then they realize that in order to be called a major couple, they need to pair with the currency of the United States (U.S. dollar.) Let’s pretend that the currency of the United States is a female (we will call it Ms. USA from now on) and the other major currencies all have to dance with her.

In the major currency party, the “one and only” Ms. USA pairs as a dancing partner with all the other major currencies.

The moral of the major forex party is this: If you consider the US Dollar as the prom queen, in order to become a major pair, you have to dance with her.

Here is a list of the members of the Major Currency Pairs party and their nicknames:

In the forex world, even if the pairs get into a serious relationship and eventually get married, the females will never change their last name.