How to Get TikTok Famous In 2021

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How to Get TikTok Famous In 2021

how to get tiktok famous

TikTok is one of the fastest growing platforms in the world. With over a billion users and 680 million active users on the platform, it is the new dream of content creators to get TikTok famous. 

Every content creator wants to go viral on TikTok because one viral video could mean thousands of followers on the platform and thousands of dollars in the future. 

How you ask? Well, the average influencer on TikTok with 2 million followers or more can charge upto $1000 per promotional post. Those are some great numbers for a platform that came into existence just four years ago. 

It is also one of the major reasons why many creators and influencers are moving from existing platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to TikTok. 

Creating content on TikTok takes less time and effort as you create short 30 seconds to two-minutes videos, and growing on TikTok is comparatively easier because the platform is still somewhat new.

If you’re also a content creator or a wannabe social media influencer who wants to blow up on TikTok, then this blog is for you. 

Today, we’ll be having a conversation with someone who has a combined over four million followers on TikTok on his two different profiles in two different niches. 

Rahul Rai is going to talk about TikTok virality, niching down, and most importantly, how to get TikTok famous in 2021.

How to Get TikTok Famous 

If you ask Rahul, the one most important thing on TikTok is consistency. If you wanna create content, go viral, build a community, gather a following, make money, it’s all a game of consistency. 

It might not sound sexy or glamorous, but for success on TikTok, you have to post content every single day. 

Another important factor apart from creating content consistently is to create content around something you’re interested in. 

Because while that might have nothing to do with the TikTok algorithm, creating content in a niche that you love will help you stay consistent. 

Creating five or ten pieces of content per day will not feel like forced labor but a fun activity that you’ll always be motivated to do. 

How to Get TikTok Content Ideas

While consistency and posting so many times per day might sound good, the real struggle begins when you start running out of content ideas.

The biggest reason why many people can’t create more content, even if they want to, is because generating relevant content ideas is hard. Yes, choosing a niche that you already love helps, but still, you run out of ideas at a certain point.

Well, Rahul has a couple of ideas for this problem that’ll apply to any niche and help anyone generate more content ideas. 

The first thing he practices and preaches as well is consuming a lot of content in the same niche you’re creating content. 

You’ll get to know about a lot of opinions, insights, trends, and facts that you never knew before. This will help you understand new things and create your own version of them for your audience. 

When you come across something interesting that you think you can improvise, note it down in your notepad or record a voice memo to remind yourself. 

Another amazing way to generate new TikTok content ideas is simply observing the things around you as they are. 

You’ll notice things that were always there, but you never took note of them. Some things will pique your interest, while some will make you laugh and chuckle. 

Many things you’ll find relatable to your life or your niche, or you’ll be able to relate them. That’s where you’ll get new content ideas.

Now, you don’t have to come up with new ideas every time. it’s perfectly fine to repeat some things either directly or in different ways. Many top creators do this because sometimes it’s just not possible to come up with new ideas.

Creating content is going to ebb and flow in terms of your own level of creativity. But if you are able to stay consistently in that ebb and flow, you’ll find times of amazing creative content and times where you’ll struggle to get one idea. 

It’s all about your discipline and consistency. Because at the end of the day, the guy or gal who’s the most consistent will end up winning.

How Often to Post on TikTok 

This is one of the most repetitive questions that beginner TikTok influencers ask. And since we’ve talked so much about consistency, it is the most logical question to follow. 

Here, we have to understand the difference between consistency and posting frequency. How often to post is a question on posting frequency and not consistency. 

The key to success on TikTok is not posting frequency but consistency. What that means is there is no one right amount of posts per day that will help your account blow up. 

But whatever times you’re posting per day, being consistent with it will surely help. So posting 30 times a day is not important. But if you’re posting 30 times, staying consistent with that frequency is important. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t change your posting frequency once you’ve started with one number. For example, Rahul also used to post 27 times a day during the quarantine period, but he has reduced it to just 3 times a day now. 

But when he was posting 27 times a day, he was consistent with that frequency for months. And now, when he has changed it to 3 a day, he is consistent with the new frequency now. 

How to Monetize TikTok 

We won’t go deep into how to monetize your TikTok because we have a whole separate blog post on how to do so. You can read it here if you wanna dive deep into this topic. 

According to Rahul, capturing attention and monetizing it are two different skill sets. It’s one thing to get attention and another to monetize it. 

To monetize it beyond advertising and brand promotions, which most small and medium creators rarely get, you need to provide something of value to your audience. 

So, what would be something of value that you can create so that people would be willing to pay you for it? And then, how can you market it? 

I know, a thing with artists and creators is that they hate business. They hate marketing, selling, and those type of things because it’s gross, at least as they understand it. 

What you have to realize is that marketing & selling and any type of art require the same skill set, which is just storytelling. 

Marketing and selling are not limited to the snake oil salesman that we associate it with. It is a skill needed in all areas of life. Whether you’re an artist or a businessperson, you’re always selling. Actors sell themselves, philosophers sell ideas, artists sell art, and so on. 

A great quote from The Rich Dad Poor Dad to sum it up is: “you’re probably just one or two skills away from actually blowing off the top of your potential. But those one or two skills may lie in realms of knowledge that you have huge amounts of judgment and fear of.”

So don’t be afraid of trying and learning new things. You don’t know which skill will take you to the next level.