Women Empowerment in Times Square

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Women Empowerment in Times Square

My passion? Empowering minorities. My niche? Women in the financial industry.

That’s why attending the opening bell ceremony honoring International Women’s Day at NASDAQ Market Site in Times Square is a BIG deal for me. Together with pioneer women in finance and in the UN we continue to fight for women’s equality in this male dominated industry.

It was truly a powerful moment aiming to raise awareness of the importance of women’s economic empowerment and call for businesses to endorse and implement the Women’s Empowerment Principles

Our photos were then broadcast in Times Square in New York, gaining the attention of New Yorkers and tourists alike, concluding a series of events that took place at stock exchanges around the world to ring the bell for gender equality.

How did I get here?  I have survived and succeeded as a minority many times. Arguably success in rough environment has become one of my best assets.

I was born and raised in a Jewish family in Iran after the 1979 revolution. The only Jewish student in my all-girl school all the way through high school, I learned how to co-exist with those who are educated to hate you; and to become good friends with them.

That was only the beginning. I decided to go to Japan to study Electrical Engineering on a Japanese government scholarship. Once again, I became a minority but this time of a new kind: the only girl and the only foreigner in my class for four years. I had to adjust myself to the new environment while learning the new language, and while learning Electrical Engineering in Japanese.

This was definitely one of the hardest time in my life which indeed prepared me for my next endeavour.

My final stop in my 20s was NYC. After getting introduced to trading in Japan by my Japanese host family mother, I found a new passion in finance and decided to move to the city that loves to trade.

Once again I became a minority: This time one of the few women in the forex trading industry.

This has been one of the most exciting and rewarding journey so far, as I have been able to empower and educated many more women to join the movement.

Other corporations have joined us and this year’s Women’s Day was a true success in the industry. 

Currently there are only about 5% women in forex. However the statistics show that female investors tend to be more successful in their trading decisions than their male counterparts.

As For this year’s International Women’s Day, we have launched a campaign to empower women investors with facts, success stories and articles, which can be found in Forex Library and social media. We are excited to invite you take part in this global campaign and to share your forex story using the hashtag #InvestLikeHer.
You can also participate in a raffle draw sponsored by Orbex to win a free live trading account funded with $500 and a free 1 on 1 training with me, your Invest Diva.

Wishing you all the success…. And of course, invest responsibly 🙂