Hamas Founder Son Speaks Up on CNN

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Hamas Founder Son Speaks Up on CNN

Mosab Hassan Yousef (Son of Hamas Founder) reveals how Hamas Terror group aims to kill civilians and uses Palestinian Children as human shields. (CNN interview. July 24 2014)

The author of Son of Hamas converted to Christianity, rejected Hamas’ political views and objectives for the “simple reason that we see right now in Gaza.”

“Hamas does not care about the lives of the Palestinians, does not care about the lives of Israelis, or Americans. They don’t care about their own lives.” He said during an interview with CNN on July 24th, 2014. “They consider dying for the sake of their ideologies a way of worship. How can you continue in that society?”


When asked “Can you co-exist with someone whose mission is your destruction?” He responded:


” Hamas is not seeking co-existence and compromise. Hamas is seeking conquest and taking over. By the way, the destruction of the stat of Israel is not Hamas’ final destination. Hamas’ final destination is building the Islamic khilafah; which means an Islamic state under every other civilization. These are the ultimate course of them.”

CNN: “You say in your book that Hamas targets civilians as a tool of war. Tell us about the Hamas that you know growing up in the West Bank.”


Mosab: ” In the mosques Hamas taught us that without shedding innocent blood for the sake of the ideology, we won’t be able to build an Islamic state. They were preparing us from the age as young as five years old. This is the ideology that Hamas was feeding us. And honestly it’s impossible almost for anybody to break through and see the truth and the real face of Hamas and be able to leave at some point. As you see in my case I had to lose everything just to say no to Hamas. And today when I look at the children of Gaza, and I know what they’re fed, I know that they have no choice. ”


Would this wrap things up around the criticism of Israel for defending herself against Hamas?