Guap Coin: Altcoins to Watch in 2020

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Guap Coin: Altcoins to Watch in 2020

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Guap Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency with Android, PC, and Mac wallets that can be found on Coinmarketcap.  It’s founded by Tavonia Evans, an African-American mompreneur of eight kids.

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In today’s episode, Kiana Danial, CEO of Invest Diva and the Founder of the Invest Diva Movement, talks to Tavonia about…

  •  Tavonia Evan’s most recent projects with Guap coin,
  • Her favorite cryptocurrency and altcoins to watch in 2020,
  • How she does it all as a mompreneur and a mother of 8 kids,
  • Whether being a being a successful black woman in the tech community has its own challenges,
  • How Guap coin is infusing the “buy black movement”.

After you watch the video, go to the comment section and let me know what you think of my discussion with Tavonia Evans and her mission with Guap coin.

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About Guap Coin

As I mention in my book, Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies, it is always smart to look for “category Kings” within the crypto industry to diversify your portfolio.

That’s why today I’m looking at Guap coin, one of the only cryptocurrencies run by an African-American woman with a unique mission.

Guap is a spendable token on the Ethereum blockchain. It rewards consumers for supporting black-owned businesses and urban institutions.

The project was finally published on on January 1st, 2020. However, charting for its price action is not yet available.

$Guap will restore and expand “Black Wall Street” larger than it ever was. It is the crypto built with the premise of creating a unified financial identity for the African Diaspora that can truly make Black Dollars Matter. GUAP began as a next-level initiative to infuse the “buy black” movement with blockchain technology to incentivize the Black community to invest in itself. It has since expanded to make a GLOBAL impact on marginalized, unbanked, and other “disadvantaged” communities throughout the planet. GUAP Coin is empowering black people with the tools to have greater autonomy over their money.

How can GUAP combat poverty in the Black and other “minority” communities?

Can Guap coin become a wealth-generating tool? Guap is aiming to reach these goals by funding, supporting, and circulating among its own merchant network it will encourage consumers to support community businesses. Our network of businesses will accept Guap for items and services. Customers who make purchases via merchant websites or offline in brick and mortar stores will be able to use Guap using our GUAP Pay card or mobile wallet. Guap will be the cryptocurrency sparks mass adoption by supporting the real live use case of cryptocurrency – which is spending.

Guap Coin Analysis

As of January 21st, there is 22820749.65204436 coin supply for Guap.

Out of this number, 21870749.65204436 is in circulation.

New blocks are created approximately every minute with each recipient receiving 25 Guap coins in return.

The Guap coin website has done a creative way to showcase the coin’s wealth distribution, circulation, and supply. But it still doesn’t fit with the traditional methods of analysis.

What do you think about Guap coin? Do you think we need yet another altcoin? What do you think is unique about Guap?

Go to the video’s comments section and let me know.

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