Bitcoin Could Reach $13,000 Faster if Women Get Involved

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Bitcoin Could Reach $13,000 Faster if Women Get Involved

The cryptocurrency market appears to be in the process of recovering. Major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are showing slow signs of a bullish trend. But if market bulls are looking to make the recovery faster, they may need to get more women involved.

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Bitcoin Price Action

Bitcoin has confirmed above the daily Ichimoku cloud, a bullish signal that we use when it comes to technical analysis. Other bullish signals for the cryptocurrency includes the Tenkan/ Kijun line crossover, and the Saucer Bottom pattern which appears to have reversed last month’s downtrend at the support level of $6,504.

However, since it broke above the neckline of the Saucer Bottom and the upper band of the daily Ichimoku Cloud at around $8,875, it has been consolidating right below the $10,000 resistance.

If this really proves to be the reversal we’ve been waiting for, we could see BTC/USD reach $11,525 and $13,535 respectively in May.

Women Could be the Ticket to Fast Lane to All-Time Highs?

These are all good. But here’s how cryptocurrency bulls can achieve their goals even faster.

By getting more women interested in the industry.

As it goes with the majority of investment assets, one analysis of Google searches found that only 5% of people Googling “Bitcoin” were female, while 95% were male.

Similar results were found on other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. According to another recent survey, just 4% of Ethereum traders are women.

This was put into perspective in January by Alexia Bonatsos, former co-editor of TechCrunch when she said on Twitter: “Women, consider crypto. Otherwise, the men are going to get all the wealth again.”

So go ahead and spread the word with your mom, sisters, daughters and female friends. Perhaps the new era in currencies can bring the true equality in the male-dominated field of finance.

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