Women’s Rights to Trade

Women’s Rights to Trade

What is a woman worth? Should we kiss our feminine gifts goodbye just because a certain field is currently male dominant? Women in Japan certainly didn’t think so. Japanese housewives are pioneers in stay-at-home currency trading, followed by many other women in Asia. According to an article on Wall Street Daily, some of the so-called Mrs. Watanabe’s earn an average of $150K per year, and according to Japan Inc. Japanese housewife traders have been a stabilizing force in currency markets, and at times are the force behind the movements the Japanese currency, yen.

Whether a trendy fashionista, career babe or glamorous housewife, we all aspire to be unique and to have an enriched lifestyle. We desire to have the wealth to stay chic and splurge on weekend travel. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could earn our own pleasure and improved lifestyle even if we are financially secured by our family, or a daytime job? I’m talking about living the fab life without guilt.

In the today’s world, it’s just too hard to keep style up to date while also balancing the budget. Even if we somehow manage to save up extra cash, we often waste it frivolously without getting the most of our money, or, we simply have that guilty feeling about spending up our spouse’s cash or family budget. Time goes by, and next thing you know you just can’t afford the lifestyle of your dreams. You fear the title “gold-digger”. You wish people could see your true capabilities. So what is a girl to do?

Become an Invest Diva. Invest easily in the largest market world which wasn’t available to retail traders until late 1990s: The currency market.

Many recent studies, including the one conducted by Richard Peterson M.D. show that women make better investment decisions than men. A study by Barclays Wealth and Ledbury Research found that women were more likely to make money in the market, mostly because they didn’t take as many risks.

Trading currencies or so-called, forex, can be easy, fun and enriching if done wisely and after having undergone the essential education.

In this book, I have brought together all the forex trading material from my online Forex Diva videos and classes, and added tips and tricks from real women who have attended my seminars. This book will teach you how to be practical by managing, saving and investing money you would normally consider expendable income. Together, we will learn a great deal about the educational techniques and essential basic knowledge needed in order to successfully invest in the forex market to make your dreams come true.

Become educated to invest your expendable income in the forex market

And whoever thinks forex trading can only be a man’s job is either delusional or quite honestly is uninformed. If there were ever a battle of the sexes in the world of forex trading, rest assured, I have no doubt that women properly trained in my Forex methods will always come out on top. Women in the forex arena are not handicapped by stereotypical male power egos. In other words, men trade to win, but women trade to invest.

Am I suggesting feminism, or that you should turn into a man, act like a man, or even think like a man? No at all! In fact, I’m proposing the exact opposite. As mentioned before and revealed in the next Coffee Break, women have a better head on their shoulders when it comes to investing and trading. Furthermore, adding “forex trading” to your list of hobbies will help you achieve your goal of being different, unique and the “Creature Unlike Any Other” as the great book of The Rules by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider puts it. You won’t believe how men are instantly intrigued when I casually mention that I trade forex in my free time. They usually say something like “this is the most unexpected to hear,” and then, they just can’t stop talking! Now instead of boring a guy to death with the story of my previous heartbreak, I get them crazy about talking to me regarding something we can both relate to.

“You rarely have a losing trade?” They would ask. And of course I wouldn’t give away my Invest Diva secrets of successful investments because even if I do, they usually won’t follow. Boys will be boys and old habits are hard to die. So why bother? Just be that sexy, smart, mysterious girl who has the keys to an exciting friendship, bonding and financial success. At best, this can be something you can do together with your boyfriend, husband or male friends and have the best of both worlds: Their risk appetite and your management.

By carefully understanding the necessary steps and dynamics of Forex trading, and by tapping into and utilizing the hidden powers of the feminine mind, I can help to guide women step-by-step from the ground level and onward to climb the ladder of financial success. In this book, we argue that women can become super-star forex traders.

As a graduation reward for learning these special techniques of these forex trading methods, you can stop dreaming about that family trip to Disney Land, or buying that iconic Louis Vuitton wallet.

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