Roger Ver Takes on Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Facebook’s Libra, & Crypto in Tokyo – Is He Satoshi Nakamoto?

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Roger Ver Takes on Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Facebook’s Libra, & Crypto in Tokyo – Is He Satoshi Nakamoto?

Roger Ver Takes on Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Facebook's Libra, & Crypto in Tokyo - Is He Satoshi Nakamoto?

Today, I’m super excited to have Roger Ver, one of the industry’s most prominent Bitcoin angel investors and evangelists seeding the crypto ecosystem. After a career as a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, he became one of the earliest investors in the industry, putting money in BitInstant, BitPay, BitAngels,, Kraken, Ripple, and more.

Roger Ver was one of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation. He is also the founder of, a platform dedicated to the widespread adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

In today’s fascinating interview, Roger joins me from Tokyo, Japan, the place I spent 7 years of my life in. We tease a little bit in the Japanese language but then get down to business to discuss:

  • Is Roger Ver Satoshi Nakamoto?
  • How did he get so involved with Crypto?
  • How to pick the top winner
  • Why he now supports Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin
  • How works
  • Roger’s thoughts on Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra
  • No longer an American citizen?!

I had a ton of fun interviewing Roger and I hope you love it. Let’s rock the block.

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How Roger Ver Got Started in the Crypto Space

Kiana, who spent living 8 years in Japan, begins her fun-filled interview by conversing with Roger in Japanese, as he has been staying in Japan for years now. They reminisce about how they fell into crypto, and specifically, Bitcoin. According to Roger, he loves reading economics and sci-fi books, and he has always been curious about the future’s cybercash. Which is why when February 2011 came, he chose to become involved and learn more about the technicalities and later on invested in numerous cryptocurrency startups, including

How Do You Choose Startups to Invest In

Because Roger is famous for supporting many cryptocurrency-related businesses, Kiana could not help but ask, how does Roger choose among thousands of companies to invest in?

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Per Roger, it is always a significant risk and a leap of faith. What he does is three things: to focus on the team behind the company, look at their goals, and study the product or service they want to offer to the market.

Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin

It is not a secret for many of Roger’s followers and supporters how vocal he is about leaving Bitcoin behind and moving his resources to Bitcoin Cash. To prove his point, Roger showed Kiana by transferring her 100 Bitcoin Cash real-time. Bitcoin Cash is a safer bet, and he believes that he was reminded of the main reasons why he fell in love with crypto in the first place. He has seen that it has a higher shot as succeeding with extremely cheaper fees, and real-time transactions, without requiring your name, number, or email.

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Taking a Closer Look at Bitcoin Cash, BCH Price action

BCH/USD has not quite been able to recover from its 2018 crash. Bitcoin Cash was born at very high value of above $4,000 in December 2017. However, its short-lived journey has mainly been to the downside. Its attempts to recover in May 2018 was resisted at $1,752. Most recently it found resistance at the 23% Fibonacci retracement level of $470 in July 2019.

Currently, the BCH/USD pair is trading below the daily Ichimoku cloud with low volatility. We don’t have any solid indications of where the pair will move to next. Will it revisit the lows of $70 from December 2018? Or will it find a new upward wind to push through the resistance?

Roger Ver’s Thoughts on and Facebook Libra

Kiana asks about the new changes in, recently they declared Stefan Rust as the new CEO and Roger stepped up as the new executive chairman. The company is now expanding into peer-to-peer electronic cash transactions. Their website offers information and other tools about Bitcoin Cash and BTC. Their services involve a crypto wallet, a crypto exchange, and a local cryptocurrency marketplace with no KYC. Kiana also inquires about Roger’s thoughts about Facebook’s Libra. Roger admits that he invested in Libra because it has the opportunity to be the world’s largest cryptocurrency, and he wants to have a voice or power if or when that happens.

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Governments & Being An American Citizen

Finally, Kiana inquires about Roger renouncing his American citizenship. He says that he believes that governments should not have that high power over people and people should be in charge of their own money. Roger thinks that the whole idea of one group of people bossing others around is unfair. He is firm in his belief that government intervention hinders economic growth, and it kills the potential of worldwide success and countries working with each other. That’s why he will stick to helping crypto innovators fight for decentralization.

To know more about Roger Ver and his principles, follow him on Twitter @rogerkver and visit

Roger Ver (Bitcoin Jesus) Interview With Invest Diva – Kiana Danial – Is Bitcoin Cash Better Than Bitcoin?

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