Unlocking John McAfee’s Life Secrets – Why He’s Doubling Down On Bitcoin Reaching $1 Million

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Unlocking John McAfee’s Life Secrets – Why He’s Doubling Down On Bitcoin Reaching $1 Million

john mcafee and Kiana Danial

To say John McAfee’s life is fascinating is an understatement. He’s the one who invented your computer anti-virus who’s now in Easter Europe in a Faraday cage, blocking communications from the IRS as he’s on the run from the US government. At the same time, he’s also running for President of the United States. And if all this doesn’t pique your interest, he’s also told the world that he would eat his own genitalia on national TV, if Bitcoin prices don’t reach One million dollars by the end of 2020.

In this episode of Diva On The Block, John McAfee takes the hot seat to discuss:

  • Where in the world Mr. McAfee is right now and why
  • Why he thinks bitcoin will reach one million dollars by the end of 2020
  •  How the US can survive without any income taxes paid by the citizens
  •  And what’s the best Cryptocurrency.

I had a ton of fun interviewing Mr. McAfee and I hope you love it. Let’s rock the block.

John McAfee’s Life On The Run From the US Government

John shares why he is on the run from the IRS and the US government.

He always had a problem with income taxes. Eight years ago, John McAfee had no problems with the IRS, especially after paying a hundred million dollars in taxes. In the interview, he shares that he suddenly became a target for the IRS because of his talks about how people can avoid income taxes using Bitcoin. Soon after, John finds out that he and his whole family received unspecified IRS charges and a court date. Refusing to put his family in harm’s way, he sailed to the Bahamas.

However, John discovers that Bahamian government a list of ridiculous charges from the IRS against him. John went to Cuba, but the chase with the US government continues. John encountered a lot of obstacles while on the run against the IRS, leading him to hide in an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe until the 2020 Presidential elections arrive.

A publicity stunt?

Maybe. Maybe not. John McAfee appears not to care about what people think about his life story. But he takes seriously his platform, where he can talk freely about the topics that are dear to his life.

How Did John McAfee Get Into Bitcoin?

He reveals that it began when he talked about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in keynote conferences. John shares that fiat currencies, particularly the US dollar, are controlled by the governments.

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US residents pay for every service and necessity using the dollar, essentially making them “slaves” to the government. In his public talks, John shared that Bitcoin is a way to break free from the government. He believes that cryptocurrency’s decentralized system makes it possible to avoid centrally-controlled establishments.

John McAfee’s Life Could be On The Line

John predicts that the value of Bitcoin will reach $1 million US dollars by the end of 2020. John feels so confident about his bold prediction that he has no problems making a considerable bet on his word. Many people are taking receipts on his chance, but John seems unfazed. He believes that people who can do simple math will agree with his prediction. John explains why he thinks Bitcoin can top the million-dollar mark.

If the price of Bitcoin has not reached One Million Dollars by December 31st, 2020, John McAfee has promised to eat his own dick on National Television. Could this be the end of John McAfee’s life? Dickening.com is counting down the days until the event.

Needless to say, John McAfee believes that Bitcoin is a threat to the US government.

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How will the US survive without Income Taxes?

John McAfee shares that income taxes were illegal back in 1913. Since then, the US government uses income taxes for infrastructure and other projects for the benefit of American citizens. However, John states that there are numerous ways for the government to come up with the funds instead of billing their residents for it. Resources and road mileage are some of the ways he thinks will help fund the government. John claims that the government got greedy with income taxes, which is why he seeks to run for the 2020 US Presidential Elections.

John also addresses questions about his legitimacy for running for the top position in the US government at around minute 16 of the video interview.

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McAfee’s Top Cryptocurrency Choice

On a lighter topic, John shares that he does not have a particular favorite among the many cryptocurrencies. He reveals that his preference for crypto coins depends on its function. Despite his prediction on Bitcoin, John states that it is essential for people to use the cryptocurrency that will work on their local country. John believes that cryptocurrency will make every transaction more efficient compared to US dollars.

A Closer Look at Bitcoin Price Action (by Invest Diva)

As the global economy takes a hit, institutional investors appear to have rushed to Bitcoin, the digital gold, as a hedge. Historically, Bitcoin surges between 60% to 130% in medium-term before retracing back down. However, looking at a big picture, BTC/USD appears to be moving towards the all-time-high level of around $20,000.

If this level is broken, we could expect new highs to be formed at key Fibonacci retracement levels.

On the monthly chart, BTC/USD has formed a Saucer Bottom bullish reversal chart pattern. The upper band of the Ichimoku cloud is acting as a resistance both on the monthly and daily time frames.

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John McAfee’s Life Isn’t That Different From Us Afterall

At the end of the day, John McAfee is a concerned parent who wants the best for his family. Whether you agree with him or not, he appears to be doing the best he can, the best way he knows, to create a better future.

john mcafee and Kiana Danial
John McAfee’s Life Secrets Revealed on Diva On The Block with Invest Diva CEO, Kiana Danial

Find John McAfee on Twitter @officialmcafee

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