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Pop that Thang

Here is Elena’s take on saving money outdoors.1) Go running with your gal pals instead of grabbing dinner out. You’ll meet more guys that way trust me

2) Work out at home, or exercise outdoors instead of paying for the gym.

Green exercise is actually good for the body and spirit and is actually a scientific phenomenon that is being studied all over the world. According to Dr. Logan, co-writer of Your Brain, On Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Health, Happiness and Your Mojo, a number of clinicians are now prescribing so-called `vitamin G` for its mind and body benefits. “Any therapeutic intervention that can even put a dent in an individual’s perception of stress, while also improving mental outlook, creativity and cognitive function, is surely worthy of consideration.” Dr. Logan says.

Elena continues, if you live in New York…

3) Learn how to swing dance and salsa for free in Union Square in summer time

4) Find a trust-worthy promoter who can get you in night clubs with free drinks and more

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