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This broker is cool

The holidays season is approaching. And if you are looking for investing education, and a broker to host your trades, I may just have the gift for you.

As you may know, my mission at Invest Diva is to “Empower and Educate Women to Grow Their Wealth by Investing Like a Rock Star.”

In my 4 years in business (Gosh, time goes by real fast!) I have mentored thousands of men and women with their FX trading, through our free articles and videos, as well as our online education course, and one-on-one coaching sessions. As much as I hoped to offer all our services for free, in order to stay in business I have to charge for the private coaching sessions and the video course.

In turn, I made it a rule to avoid posting distracting ads and market noise on our website. This continued until I met the CEO of a specific forex broker at Shanghai Forex Expo in 2014, where I was honored with the Best Financial Education Content Provider award. We got into talking about the importance of education in forex trading and how he is looking to expand their education services.

Fast forward to now…His company is about to be acquired by a billion dollar tech giant and he -remaining true to his words – is willing to spend a huge chunk of their budget on education. And they asked me to give them a hand in educating their clients.

Which brings me to this announcement. I could not be more thrilled to recommend this broker to traders outside the US, India and Pakistan. Are you ready? [drum rolls please]

Ava; Since we had education values in common, I asked if  I could give you, my beloved subscriber, some exclusive education session.

He said yes!

So if you are looking for a new FX broker, this could be just the deal for you. Should you choose to trade with AVA, you will get a $300 one-on-one lesson with me for FREE.

Don’t forget to let me know once you create an AVA account so we can prepare your free session.

Please remember that the minimum amount to open an account is $500.

Unfortunately this service is not available to account holders from the following countries: The United States, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.