Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. I’m Kiana, the founder and CEO of, and its first investment education baby, Forex Diva. I want to give you a quick story of why and how I founded this business.

At the age of 18, I was awarded a scholarship from the Japanese government to study electrical engineering in Japan. I survived the cultural differences with the help of my host family and “Japanese Mama” and began to learn more about their habits… and secrets!

As a college student, I was looking for new ways to earn extra cash, but I was a babe in the woods when it came to finance. Is there a way to make money while in class or at home? Just taking about it out of nowhere, I discovered my mama’s secret:

“Forex. Trading forex is very popular among stay-at-home moms here in Japan. “

The complete story of my first trade is available in the next Coffee Break sessions. I learned that Japanese women are careful when it comes to forex, and start with investing small amounts. While forex trading may sound complicated, I learned the Japanese housewife secrets of simplifying the whole thing, and most importantly how to make money safely.

This was just the beginning of my trading journey. After coming to the US, I decided to continue in the field of forex trading and to learn the science behind it. I found out that you don’t have to be an economist to be a forex trader, and made it my goal to introduce forex trading as a new means of stay-at-home earning in the US. It was already proven with housewives in Japan after all.

Now we all know that forex trading can be very risky and is by all means not suitable for everyone. But at the pace that it is growing, being educated in it is becoming more and more crucial. Time has shown that the more educated you are, the more profitable your account will be.

Therefore, educating you in forex is the primary focus of Invest Diva.

We are aware that many brokers shorten the course of their free forex education in order to get their clients trading as soon as possible. That is how they make money: When you trade, and sometimes even when you lose money!

We are here to introduce you to this largest market in the world – some $4 trillion daily average turnover – and guide you step by step through all the risks, scams, and most importantly, analysis methods, in the most fun and stylish way. Just enjoy watching one video/ reading one Coffee Break article everytime you have a coffee break and you will be a Forex Diva in less than 40 days!