Meet an Invest Diva

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Meet an Invest Diva

Interview with Elizabeth le Roux from South Africa, a true Invest Diva who takes on varius types of investing including real estate and forex.

Kiana: Besides your acting career, how do you take care of yourself, travelling around the world must be expensive, right?

Elizabeth: There are a couple of investments that I’m currently taking care of. I have three real estate properties in South Africa. On top of that, I’m a consultant for an advertising agency. I operate globally, so wherever I am I can access through the Internet. My third investment is forex. I invest in currencies. Because I travel so much, I like to purchase different currencies and sell them at different exchange rates, either over the counter or on a trading platform.

Kiana: What are your thoughts on forex trading?

Elizabeth: As you know, forex is a macro-economic global market, so you don’t necessarily need to have a background [in finance] in order to know what forex is all about. The news is published as public known information to anybody, so it’s very easy to earn money with the different fluctuations in the currencies that we deal with. But I must be honest with you, you need to keep an eye out. Sometimes the fluctuations can drop without you being notified if you are not trading on a platform where you can set stops and limits.

Kiana: So I understand that you are a beautiful independent women and you make more than 50% of your income through investing. How do you feel about investing as a woman?

Elizabeth: I think it is stimulating for myself to play monopoly in my private life as well as my professional business life. It’s almost like a hobby where you invest in yourself, and you can even have fun with it!

Kiana: It is funny that you said “Invest in Yourself”. I believe that is a very powerful quote. You invest and enrich your lifestyle, because not only you are making money out of it, but also you have this lifestyle of independence, you become more aware of what is going on in the world, and as you said, it can even be a hobby, even if you don’t make a lot of money out of it. I understand that with forex trading you are not taking on a lot of leverage and are not investing too much capital, right?

Elizabeth: Correct. Forex trading is more of a short-term investment for me, while real estate is more of a long-term plan. With any kind of investment, I enjoy watching the markets going up and down, and definitely get excited when I see my capital growth.