How to Make Significantly More Money in 2022

How to Make Significantly More Money in 2022

how to make more money

Money is never enough, and we say it shouldn’t be because there’s always a possibility that you can make more.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not encouraging people to run after money their whole life. By all means, if you’re satisfied with the amount of money you have, then go use that money and enjoy your life.

However, for the 70% of people who are not happy with their income, according to, there is an urgent need to find ways to make more money.

Many people think whatever their current employer is paying them is all they’re worth. It is because a staggering number of people equate their job with income, which is not the way it works.

Your job doesn’t mean your income, and your income need not equal your job. Salary is just one part of the income you can have, and there are many parts that you’re yet to explore. 

The biggest problem with not having surplus money is you miss out on the best of the opportunities if you don’t have the cash available on time.

For example, the stock markets slumped the largest in a decade in the coronavirus crash of 2020. Stocks of some of the best companies were available for as much as 50% discount.

But only those who had the money at that time were able to cash in on the opportunity, while others missed out on a great chance.

If you also find yourself missing opportunities because of a lack of funds, then let’s solve that problem in 2022.

Today, we’ll talk about your money mindset, what a good money mindset is, and how to make significantly more money in 2022 than you’ve ever made in any year.

Your Money Beliefs

Your Beliefs about money are the reason why you make whatever amount you make right now. They are the reason you’re either satisfied or dissatisfied with your income, and changing them is how you can change your financial condition as well.

The first question to ask yourself is: who taught you about money? Many people, since their childhood, are taught how money is evil or at least not a noble thing to talk about.  

Kids in school are taught how your profession is above money. Parents avoid discussing money-related things in front of their children. People don’t wanna share how much money they make because it sounds awkward. The media shames rich people as if they’re evil. 

These are not just random behaviors, they are the reflection of deep-rooted thoughts about money that run in society. 

If you’ve been fed these thoughts about money, especially from the people who’re themselves broke, it’s time to get rid of them and learn your money principles from someone who you actually admire and want to be like. 

If you wanna be rich, learn your money lessons from someone rich. Here is a good resource if you wanna learn some lessons about money.

Don’t Work Hard 

Ok. It is not just a clever headline to attract eyeballs but the truth. You need not work hard to make more money. It might sound counterintuitive to many, so let’s discuss it. 

Many of us are working our buns off right now to make money. And that’s how it has been since forever for most of us. 

But somewhere, we also know that income and hard work are not directly proportional. Because if they were, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates would be working 24*7 without a break and still won’t make the fortune they currently have. 

Still, it’s hard for us to believe that we can make money without hard work, and there’s a very logical reason behind that. 

Our educations system rewards us for hard work. It rewards us for making things complicated. What’s worse is it sometimes ends up punishing smart work.

For example, your math teacher used to punish you if you reach the solution by some smart shortcut, and reward you for doing the same thing by his overcomplicated method. 

When things are easy or straightforward, we don’t think they’re any good. Because we’ve been taught since childhood that the correct answer is always complicated. 

However, fortunately or unfortunately, the real-life is far different from school. In life, most things are simple and straightforward. It is us who make them complicated because that’s what we’ve been taught to do. 

In school, we were taught to make our explanations longer by including every bit of detail. In real life, if you can’t communicate your idea to a VC in a minute, they’ll be gone.

Forget the idea that the more hard work you do, the more money you’ll make. Instead, to make more money, you gotta do things that actually help make more money.

So, how do you do things that not only make money but make a bucketload of it?

Create Active-Passive Income

We know that trying to make more money by doing hard work (read more work) is neither recommended nor practical because you ideally don’t wanna work until you die. 

You want something that can be automated and scaled to any level. When you have something that requires initial hard work but then can be automated with little to no effort, you have what is called active-passive income. 

How do you create something like that? Well, you use this wonderful thing called the internet. Almost anything you do on the internet can be automated. Which makes it the best place to be as a business. 

What you can do on the internet is not limited to a few. There are numerous possibilities. However, if you wanna go the tried and tested route, your best option would be to teach what you do exceptionally well. 

Now, there are no barriers to what you can teach (unless you’re teaching how to make a bomb because that can lead to some legal troubles). You can teach anything that somebody might be interested in learning. 

People are making millions of dollars selling cookie recipes. People are also making millions teaching concepts of quantum physics. Basically, anything that people generally ask your opinion about, anything for which people come to you, you can choose it. 

You can teach on your own website, build your own community, or teach on sites like Udemy and Skillshare. 

The reason it is one of the best businesses you can start is once you do the initial work and create the course, you can sell it as many times as you want and scale it to any extent.

Start Building Your Wealth Challenge 

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