How to Build Wealth in 2022

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How to Build Wealth in 2022

how to build wealth in 2022

2022 is just around the corner. Or maybe it is already here, depending on the time you’re reading it. 

Every year around this time, we think of things we wanna achieve in the new year: money, health, fitness, love, happiness, confidence, or whatever we want. 

We make wishlists, write down goals, get all pumped up for the next year, and soon after, this newfound enthusiasm is gone just as fast as it came. 

Most people, after a week or two, find themselves going back to the old ways of doing things, which is evident by the fact that 80% of all new year resolutions fail.

Clearly, just making promises to yourself every year is not working. If you really want to achieve your goals, you need more than just writing them down on your wishlist. You need a plan, and you need to take action on that plan consistently to see results.

If your goal is wealth creation in 2022, then, as far as the plan is concerned, we’ve got you covered in this blog. And if you read until the end, we’ve got your action part covered as well. 

So without further ado, let’s get going!

The Problem With Wealth Creation 

Who on earth, in his sane mind, would not like to create financial wealth for himself and his family. However, not a lot of people are able to do it or do it in time. 

It’s because there are some problems with wealth creation that you need to overcome before you can succeed at it. The very first problem is the low availability of capital. 

Money attracts money, and more money attracts even more money. That’s one of the undeniable traits of the capitalistic world we live in. 

If you want to build wealth, investing with lower amounts is great. The power of compounding will side by you and help your money grow, but it will take time, a lot of it. 

Now, you might be okay with the idea that it takes time because most of the good things take time, right?

But there’s a problem you’re overlooking here. A problem that not only you, me, your mum, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, The president, but all of us as human beings face. 

The problem is: we don’t live forever. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get rich faster so that I can at least enjoy the money while I’m somewhat young. 

If I have a considerable amount of money, then the last thing I would want is it sitting in a bank account until all of it gets wasted on some weird disease that I might get when I’m old. 

Also, the use of having abundant money is to reduce stress, not to create it. If you’re already young, want to start your family, have kids, then you can’t wait till you’re old to have a good amount of wealth. You need it now. 

Which means: we want to create wealth, and we want to do it fast. The question now is: how to build wealth faster?

How You Don’t Build Wealth 

Before diving into how to build wealth, it is important to understand how not to build wealth. Because knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. 

The first rule is: being famous doesn’t mean being wealthy. Since most of the people we see in the media and entertainment look wealthy or at least try to appear wealthy, we seem to associate fame with wealth. 

However, in reality, being famous and being wealthy are two different things. Johnny Depp and lady gaga are famous but are deep in debt and financial troubles. 

The second rule is: You don’t get rich overnight. Yes, we want to get rich faster, but faster never means overnight. Running behind unrealistic returns on your money will more often than not lead to sabotage of your capital and nothing else.

So, if fame alone isn’t helping, investing alone isn’t fast enough, and running behind extravagant returns isn’t working, then what should you do?

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The Wealth Ecosystem

The answer to all your financial worries is The Wealth Ecosystem. You can also call it “cash-in your passion.” That’s what we call it. 

When you have something of value that you can offer to other people in exchange for another value (money), and then you invest that money so that it can grow in the background while you make more money in the foreground, it creates something called a wealth ecosystem. 

A wealth ecosystem is what the majority of these people who should be wealthy but aren’t are lacking. 

There are entrepreneurs who’ve made millions of dollars in revenue but are broke. There are traders who’re exceptionally good at their art but are still poor. We all know some famous personalities who were supposed to be rich but have financial problems. 

Everybody needs this wealth ecosystem to create the wealth they truly desire. It not only helps you create wealth but also automates it completely, so your wealth builds on auto-pilot.

But there are elements to this wealth ecosystem that needs to be in place for you to automate it and then actually go live and enjoy life. 

What are the elements of the wealth ecosystem? The first and foremost element is maximizing your income. 

It is simple. You need money to invest, and the more money you have, the better it is. Because you can learn all the investing tactics, you can choose great assets, and you can find their optimal buying price, but what’s most important is actually putting money into them.

The best way to grow your income is through starting a business and doing what you love doing. 

The second element is automating your business to the level where you can go on a holiday for a month, not do a single hour of work, and your business still makes you money. 

The third element is finally taking the surplus money you have and investing it in some great assets so it can grow and help you build your wealth faster!

Start Building Your Wealth Challenge 

Ok, so in the beginning, we talked about the two things you need to accomplish any goal: A plan and consistent action on that plan. 

Till now, we talked about the plan, but what about the action part? What if I say we can help you with that too! 

If you’re really serious about building wealth in 2022, then there’s no better way to start the year than to attend the Start Building Your Wealth Challenge. 

It is a 5 day VIP experience where we pull the curtains on exactly how to build the wealth ecosystem. Kiana Danial, the founder of Invest Diva, will show you what exactly she does with her business, how she automates it to passively generate $500k per month, and how she manages her $4 million portfolios giving only 3 hours per week towards it.

If you’re ready to build your wealth now, you can go to and attend the challenge.