A Story of Resilience: Interview with Cherie Aimée

A Story of Resilience: Interview with Cherie Aimée

Cherie Aimée

In this episode of Diva on The Block, Kiana Danial sits with Cherie Aimée, a technology leader and a near-death experience survivor. Cherie shares about her near-death experience – what actually happened and how this miracle freed her and changed her values and beliefs in life. Also, Cherie tells the story of how she became very successful in a male-dominated blockchain community. She envisions to humanize the blockchain space and aims to help women reclaim their personal essence and encourage them to participate in this promising digital technology. 

Black Women in Programming

Cherie shares the story of how she got into programming. Coming from liberal arts education, majoring in history, Cherie accidentally stumbled upon programming and found herself enjoying it. She fell in love with the art of creating lines of code that seemed like a secret little language to developers. She ended up teaching herself everything and got herself hired by a tech company. Through hard work, Cherie made such a name for herself and ended up leaving her job and eventually making her own tech firm. Everything was going so well until a tragedy happened.

Cherie Aimée’s Near-Death Experience

In the middle of hitting success from her own tech company, Cherie became sick. This unfortunate incident ruined her plans of taking her company to the next level.

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Cherie was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma about half a year and underwent extremely rigorous chemotherapy for six months. Fortunately, the therapy did well, and Cherie is now cancer-free up to this day. However, ten months later, Cherie suffered from sudden cardiac arrest. She was rushed to the hospital, but she flatlined in her husband’s arms. Doctors couldn’t resuscitate her for over 90 minutes, but they didn’t give up on her. Cherie miraculously came back for a second chance at life. 

Crossing Over to The Other Side

According to Cherie, she knew she had died at that moment and has crossed over to the afterlife. She recalls it to be an easy and pain-free experience. She also had a lifetime review and was given a choice to come back to life. In her life review, Cherie reflected on the things that had been blocking her from fulfilling her real purpose in life. Cherie then decides that she wants to come back to free her soul from all those stuff dragging her down. She wants to own herself for who she is and come back on a mission to do her purpose. Cherie no longer fears death.

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A New Form of Women Leadership

At her second chance in life, Cherie shares how she is stepping into a new form of leadership she has never done before. It’s a leadership that is not about ordering people around to get into the spotlight and make it all about you. According to Cherie, this leadership is about growing yourself and seeing how much of an impact you can do in this world. Cherie has learned to free herself and truly live her life from a grounded place of power. She believes that one person’s voice can influence millions of others. 

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Women of Blockchain – Cherie Aimée

Cherie is one of the prominent women in the world of blockchain. She is the former Director of Communications for ShipChain, which raised 30 million in funding in 2018. She is also an advocate for women and has been inspiring women to participate in these pivotal technologies that are going to change the landscape of the world as we know it. Cherie views blockchain as a powerful movement in humanity that can finally allow people to have greater access to financial resources.

Find Cherie Aimée on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter @xocherieaimee.

Cherie Aimée
Cherie Aimée Story of Resilience – with Kiana Danial Invest Diva

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