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Invest Diva's Mission

We help trading beginners invest the right way

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Q: Ladies, Do YOU Have What It Takes To Become A Forex Diva?
A: Yes, You Do.

With this incredible new step-by-step guide, investing pro and TV personality Kiana Danial shows you exactly how to understand and take advantage of foreign currency trading:

  • How the global currency market works
  • Why social, political, and cultural events shape trading
  • The smartest short- and long-term strategies
  • Best practices for navigating the economic calendar


What the Boys of Wall Street don’t want you to know . . .
After years of studying the principles of the foreign currency exchange market, financial expert and financial correspondent Kiana Danial gets to the bottom of today’s most curious investment phenomenon: Why are women suddenly making a fortune trading currencies? The answer is inside this book, along with a roadmap designed to show you how and why forex can work for you.

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From Tehran, to Tokyo, to New York

Kiana Danial, INVEST DIVA: Award winning humanitarian. Author of “Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex” by McGraw-Hill. TV Personality. Forex Trader. Entrepreneur. Electrical Engineer. Investing adviser.

Born and raised in Iran to a Jewish family as a religious minority, she was awarded a scholarship from the Japanese government to study EE in Japan, where she became a minority once again; the only girl and the only foreigner in her class. That is when she knew she wanted to dedicate her life to empowering minorities, especially women in the male dominated industries.

Kiana spent years studying the habits of investors and discovered that women frequently make smarter, wiser, and less-risky investment choices than their male counterparts. This is precisely why she founded InvestDiva.com ; a woman’s guide to smart, safe, and profitable trading.

Men and Women Welcome

Today Invest Diva has more male students than ever and has helped thousands of trading enthusiasts with absolutely no prior financial education make money in the largest market in the world, all from the convenience of their homes.

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Why learn trading?
In 60 seconds

Budget Starter

Work 1-on-1 with your adviser to get a sense about trading, risk management and forex for one week. Overcome your fear of becoming financially independent, and learn the basics of economy and trading.

Video Course

Access the entire 6-step online video education program with over 100 easy videos for 2 years. Learn at your own pace on your phone, tablet, computer or TV. Get answers to your questions on Q&A corner.


Access the entire video program with +100 easy education sessions, any time and any where. Additionally work 1-on-1 with your adviser for 2 years as we guide you step-by-step from your start to your profitable trades.

After filling out our Forex Eligibility Form, you will receive an analysis of your finances,
whether or not forex trading is right for you, and guidance on getting started.

Learn trading from the very basics to complicated technical analysis
by completing the easy-to-understand and entertaining videos, produced single-handedly by Kiana Danial

The course includes a step-by-step script of Invest Diva's Guide to Making Money in Forex,
published by McGraw-Hill, both in English and Japanese

Download the the Invest Diva app so you can access your account
from any mobile device

The mobile app enables you to chat live with Invest Diva advisers via text or in chat rooms,
to discuss the latest trading opportunities

An introductory webinar or live seminar to give you a sense about the forex market,
how to trade it and how to prevent losses

You can reserve your seat on seven Invest Diva's live webinars
throughout your two year membership for free

Budget Starter

$19/ day

  • Due Today $133
    (No additional Payments Necessary)
  • Get your personal trading analysis for your investment and the necessary risk management. This package includes a 1 hour introductory forex trading webinar/ seminar and unlimited trading signals.
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$99/ month

  • Due Today $2376
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  • Full package including personal advisory, education video program, live chat on our mobile app, 7 sessions of live trading practice and the online version of the Invest Diva book plus unlimited tradin
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Basic Beans

By the end of this section, you will know what the forex market is all about, identify the risks involved in this type of online investing, learn about different international currency pairs that you can trade to make money, calculate your profit and loss in pips, and get introduced to the basics of different types of market analysis.
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Technical Beans

Starting from the very basics, learn about the charted markets analysis which helps you identify trends and speculate future market movements to place an educated order. Learn how to identify continuation and reversal patterns, how to analyze candlesticks, and how to use important technical indicators.
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Fundamental Beans

Never listened to financial news in your life? No problem. This section breaks down all you need to know about analyzing the economic news that moves the market, using fun analogies such as comparing financial markets to American pop culture, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and the Kardashians.
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Sentimental Beans

Analysing the sentiment in the market is yet another useful method that can help us make an educated trading decision. In this section you will learn how to gauge the sentiment, and how to use one of the most famous sentiment indicators, the Elliot Wave theory, in detail.
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Capital Beans

It is all about making money after all. And you won't be able to know how to make money, without first knowing how to manage your money. How much money should you invest in forex? How should you manage your risk? How do you save money on your day-to-day spending habits? You will find the answers to all of these questions in this section.
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Overall Beans

Once you've completed all of the previous five steps, it will be time for you to join the market and start your trading jouney. But wait, how should you choose a reliable broker to host your trades? What are the final steps before placing the golden market order? These will be answered in the Overall Beans of your Forex Coffee Break.
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