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I got scammed by a money manager years ago...

Kiana Danial Invest Diva on CNN New York

.... That's why I decided to help people become THEIR OWN money manager

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Invest Diva is an Online Financial Education Platform

Our goal is to get you invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks, ETFs and Forex

We will guide you step-by-step, and teach you the skills to manage your finances like a pro.

Investing vs Trading: What’s the Difference?

Here comes the million dollar question! “How is trading different than investing?”     One of our followers recently even asked me “Is trading a sin?” As an Invest Diva, it is important to learn what …

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single mom investing from home - Melissa and son - Copy

Single Mom Investing from Home | Meet an Invest Diva

Melissa is a single mom investing from home. She had no prior financial education background once she got a divorce. However, her financial situation suddenly changed and she decided to …

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Men and Women Welcome

Today Invest Diva has more male students than ever and has helped thousands of trading enthusiasts with absolutely no prior financial education make money in the largest market in the world, all from the convenience of their homes.

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women of influence Kiana Danial aquare invest diva

Standing alongside with New York's brightest businesswomen, I was honored with a Women of Influence award by the New York Business Journal and Bizwomen yesterday, for paying it forward in the community through …

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