What Do Students Say About Invest Diva’s Course?

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What Do Students Say About Invest Diva’s Course?

If you ever wanted to learn to invest in the foreign exchange market but thought it’s too complicated or even boring, today we are speaking with Invest Diva’s CEO, Kiana Danial, who’s made it her mission to teach you how to safely trade and understand the forex market by making some of the wackiest videos you’ve ever seen.

“Invest Diva [‘s education course] is the easiest way to learn how to make money in the largest market in the world.” Says Kiana, “We’ve made all these serious looking material very simple, easy and relatable  to anybody with absolutely zero financial education background.”

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First of all, women in the US don’t trade, second, all the available education in forex is boring. So Invest Diva made it her goal to introduce forex in the most fun and relatable method ever.

Jing Pan, Invest Diva student says: “My major is not finance so I’m totally new to finance and forex. The course of Invest Diva is very fun because it has a lot of entertainment.”

Invest Diva brings out metaphors that are relatable and are funny, includes dancing and compares forex trading to a party.

Kelly Leon, Invest Diva student: “The course is extremely user friendly. I’ve already evolved at least a general understanding of how the currency market basically operates.”

Kiana Danial is an adjunct professor of finance at universities in New York and Tokyo. Invest Diva education services have been featured on TIME magazine, Nasdaq, and TalkMarkets to name a few.

This video was produced by AlleyWire and made possible by Christelle Koumoué.