3 Things Self-Made Millionaires NEVER Do!

3 Things Self-Made Millionaires NEVER Do!

Hey Invest Divas and Invest Divos! Ready to dive into the secrets of building wealth in your 30s and 40s? I’ve got you covered.

As a self-made millionaire who went from broke to flourishing in my 30s, I’m here to share the key lessons that propelled me to success.

Lesson 1: Work Smart, Not Just Hard:

The first rule on the path to wealth is to work smart, not just hard. Forget about toiling away on low-income producing endeavors.

Wealthy individuals focus on ventures with unlimited resources, such as the online financial markets and other people’s businesses, commonly known as stocks.

The beauty lies in the fact that these ventures can replicate themselves effortlessly, thanks to the wonders of automation, the internet, and AI.

Lesson 2: Leverage, Don’t Pay Cash:

Paying cash for liabilities? That’s not how the wealthy play the game. Take it from someone who recently acquired a nearly $10 million home – I didn’t pay for it in cash.

Instead, I leveraged my stock and crypto portfolios. By borrowing against these assets, I financed the down payment while my money continued to work and compound inside my accounts.

The key is to let your money have multiple jobs without halting its compounding process. Pay yourself back through passive revenue streams, like bestselling books and online businesses, and watch your wealth grow.

Lesson 3: Don’t Fear Debt – Leverage It:

There’s a fearmongering trend around debt that keeps many trapped in a cycle of financial uncertainty. I’m not suggesting you ignore your credit card debt, but if you can leverage debt to accelerate your revenue, why not?

Use other people’s money, often cheaper than your own, to make your money work for you.

Break free from the fear, take control of your financial future, and start making your money work for you.


So there you have it! Three invaluable lessons on how to unlock wealth in your 30s and 40s.

Remember, it’s about working smart, leveraging resources, and not letting fear hold you back. If you’re ready to take control of your financial destiny and discover how to make your money work for you, don’t miss my free Master Class.

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