Sugar Daddies Revealed: The Truth Behind Kiana Danial’s $7 Million Portfolio

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Sugar Daddies Revealed: The Truth Behind Kiana Danial’s $7 Million Portfolio

Do you really want to know the truth behind Kiana Danial’s $7 Million Dollar Portfolio?
In this post, I reveals the truth about the men behind my multi-million dollar Investment Portfolio. Some of my trolls in my social media comments are so convinced that sugar daddies must have accelerated my wealth building journey – so I thought I better reveal them once and for all! Be prepared though! The answers may surprise you!  Read on as I share my personal story of struggle, triumph, and the real secret to my success.

Sugar Daddy Number 1: My Dad!

Before I was even born, my dad was a successful entrepreneur and the owner of a construction company. My two older siblings and my mom lived a life of luxury with chauffeurs and maids. But, then came the year 1979 when the Iranian Revolution happened. 

This led to the overthrowing of the Shah of Iran and the new Iranian regime started cracking down on anyone who had amassed wealth during the Shah. This included my dad. They took over all of his assets and raided our home to empty it from all of our valuable assets including my mom’s jewellery. They even sentenced my dad to death. He got lucky though as the guy who was supposed to finalize the sentence turned out to be his buddy from back in his military days.

Nonetheless, my family fell from riches to being completely broke. 5 years went by and then I arrived into the world! Five years after the revolution, the government crackdown on my family continued. I still remember being fearful of the government raiding our rental home at any moment and that my parents were hiding the little that remained from their wealth in our friend’s home including our piano and three Persian carpets.

The impact of this trauma was so severe that it was inevitable that my Welfare Diva mentality was going to emerge! You know, the mentality that drove me to a welfare house years later when I came to America.

I made a whole video about it that you can go and check out here after you’ve read my post. Throughout my Invest Diva journey, I often wondered how my family could have preserved their wealth by the regime change. I mean yeah, I’m glad they didn’t kill my dad but would there have been an alternative reality if they had done some things differently?

My First Aha Moment:

During the 2008 market crash while I was studying electrical engineering in Japan, I accidentally made ten thousand dollars. This led me to pursue a career of finance, ultimately leading me to New York City. However, it wasn’t long before I found myself  repeating my family’s cycle of falling from riches to rags.

I lost my job and soon ran out of money to pay rent. You see, to shelter me from the pain of being broke, my family resorted to instilling poor money belief systems such as “money can’t buy happiness” and “people who come to money fast lose it fast.” Since I had not yet fully broken away from this money mindset I was repeating my  family’s cycle…

The Invest Diva Movement Was Born:

After I started my Invest Diva journey, a mentor of mine called Nathaniel told me to buy Bitcoin… At the time, Bitcoin was fluctuating between 5 and 11 bucks! Heck – I didn’t even know what Bitcoin was back then! Instead – “I’d rather day trade forex!” Oops! Following my welfare Diva strategy I lost the remaining of my savings in a single day trade.

SPOILER ALERT: What would have happened if I did listen to Nathaniel? I could have bought a thousand coins for about five thousand dollars. During the second crypto winter the average price of Bitcoin was $23,000! Those same coins if I had bought them would be worth more than 25 million dollars even during a crypto winter… but no! I was a Welfare Diva!

When the opportunity showed up I did not seize it. I did what other poor people do which is delay making a decision and instead of doing my research, I decided to sleep on it… In fact, I slept on it for a good five years! It wasn’t until  2017 that a financial company in the UK asked me to do research analysis on crypto for them. I was skeptical but agreed this time to do the job for them so that I could get paid.


As I went down the rabbit hole on the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, something crazy suddenly became apparent to me. Bitcoin is decentralized by its very nature and this means that no centralized authority like a government or bank can have control over it.

If the concept of a decentralized asset like Bitcoin existed before the Iranian Revolution and if my dad even had a fraction of his assets in assets like Bitcoin saved in a hard wallet, my family wouldn’t have had to suffer to the degree that they did after the Revolution.

  1. Firstly, a government body can’t just freeze a decentralized asset like Bitcoin.
  2. Secondly, hiding a Bitcoin wallet is way easier than hiding a freaking piano a house or a car! My mom literally could have hidden a wallet in one of my siblings pockets while the government raided our house and this is how my dad aka “my first sugar daddy” inspired me to focus on diversifying my investments…

Okay, so I tricked you! My dad wasn’t really a traditional sugar daddy but I take learning from other people’s mistakes as a valuable wealth lesson every single day. If it weren’t for his tragic fall I wouldn’t have learned the valuable lesson about diversification having multiple revenue streams or inheriting my entrepreneurial aspirations.

For example, 10% of my over $7 million portfolio is in crypto and even within my crypto portfolio I’m diversifying strategically to mitigate risk.

I talk all about cryptocurrency investing in my best-selling book cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies. The second edition just came out here.

I’m also Diversified across other asset classes, other countries brokers, revenue streams and even businesses. Now let’s get to my second sugar daddy!

Sugar Daddy Number 2: My Husband Matt:

Before I was able to fully retire my husband, he was actually a rocket scientist… a real one! He designed the world’s fastest helicopter the Sikorski’s X2 and used to work super hard doing ultra long hours at a big company. He has helped me with my investment strategy developments in two ways and I’m gonna share the second one first.

Matt showed me why being a math Whiz can actually cost you when it comes to investing. One of the most common questions I get asked is also one of the greatest misconceptions about investing! “You simply do not need to be great at maths… period.”

Real talk – I want you to know something about me. I’m no one special. I don’t have any supernatural gifts especially when it comes to math. I actually really struggled with math and it’s one of the main reasons why I never worked as an engineer. However, once I married an engineer I thought all of my math problems are going to go away!

My husband and I started investing together. He put his money into our joint investment account, but straight away he thought that he could outsmart my system because he’s basically a math genius. Unfortunately I started listening to him but things started to go wrong! Every time we made money based on his suggestions he got super excited but every time we lost, even if it was temporarily he would get so upset and wanted to make it back.

He even came up with a quick math solution to make up for the losses! He was just digging a deeper hole. It’s like being at a casino and losing then taking more money out of the ATM. The moral of the story – no matter how good you are at math, it doesn’t really  matter, the markets aren’t about math, they’re about psychology and managing your emotions.

You can especially see the negative impacts of crowd psychology during market crashes and times of economic downturn where people’s emotions kick in and they try to solve a shorter problem but instead create a long-term disaster.

Did you know that women are better at investing than men? Research shows this to be the case because they have a longer term outlook and aren’t investing to win the game, they are investing for long-term financial security.

Enter The Infamous Invest Diva Diamond Analysis:

So Matt finally swallowed his pride and realized that my investing system labelled the Invest Diva Diamond Analysis also known as the IDDA is getting better results than his math even though my account was smaller. That’s why he gave up on trying to beat my system and now he’s fully retired doing what he loves because we achieved the financial freedom through an investment portfolio I manage doing zero math just by using my investment system.

Just like the 5 points of a diamond, investing with the Invest Diva Diamond Analysis also has five  
points. Capital analysis, Intentional analysis, Fundamental analysis, Sentimental analysis and  
Technical analysis.


Is all about analyzing your current capital, personal financial situation, debt, net worth and any money related stuff. It is all about understanding your 3 point personal personal risk tolerance your ability to take a risk, your willingness to take a risk and your confidence in the asset you’re investing in.


Relates to defining your financial goals. If you don’t know where you are and where you’re going you can’t develop a road map. That’s why before we even think about investing, you must complete the first two points of the Invest Diva Diamond Analysis.


Analysis – this is where Matt was very helpful for my portfolio especially when it came to my tech stock allocations. I just revealed that I’m all about diversification and investing based on my unique risk tolerance.

I also just talked about how the third point of your risk tolerance is your confidence in the asset you’re investing in. You can actually increase  your confidence in the asset you’re investing in by learning all about its industry and the companies involved.

If you’re investing in the stock of a company you can increase your confidence and therefore your risk tolerance by investing in companies that you already are a customer of and companies you know and love.

Being an avid gamer and a literal rocket scientist, Matt knew a lot about companies like Nvidia, AMD and Tesla early on. These were assets I would not have even known about if it weren’t for him. So thanks to him, I invested in Nvidia when it was just around 20 bucks and AMD when it was less than a dollar.

Now – did he come in and meddle with my strategy with his emotional panics as the markets went up and down? Yes! But did I also learn my lesson and only listen to him about the fundamentals and let the remaining points of my Invest Diva Diamond analysis create the big picture strategy? You bet I did! So now we’re working as a team only focusing on our zone of Genius.

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So tell me – what did you think to my post “The Truth Behind Kiana Danial’s $7 Million Portfolio?” I’m curious to hear your thoughts about my sugar daddies! Do you think I would have got to where I am today if it weren’t for the men in my life? Let me know in the comments below and remember to share this blog post with 3 people so that you can help them on their journey to building generational wealth.

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