Is Bitcoin A Scam? Dr. Mark Van Rijmenam Takes On Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, And Blockchain

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Is Bitcoin A Scam? Dr. Mark Van Rijmenam Takes On Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, And Blockchain

Is Bitcoin A Scam? Dr. Mark Van Rijmenam Takes On Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, And Blockchain - Invest Diva review

In today’s episode, Kiana talks to Dr. Mark Van Rijmenam, who is a speaker on Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics, and blockchain. He is also the founder of Datafloq, a data and blockchain strategist. Dr. Mark is the author of the best selling book Think Bigger: Developing A Successful Big Data Strategy For Your Business. Kiana asks him different topics circling on the connection of blockchain, crypto, and big data. Dr. Mark also answers inquiries regarding Cloudera, Bitcoin being a scam, and the possible reign of Artificial Intelligence.

What Is Big Data?

Dr. Mark says that big data is present for an extended period because nowadays, everything people do is composed of data.  Big data, in the structured or unstructured form with a combination of internal and external data, is used to get a better set of everything you do. Rijmenam believes that companies should start seeing themselves as big data producers or sources because a change in perspective changes how companies run their business. Knowing and storing data makes the company more aware of the environment they’re moving in, as well as identify the proper patterns in the field.

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The Role Of The Internet In BlockChain

Kiana asks Dr. Mark regarding the role of the internet in BlockChain and his thoughts as well. Dr. Mark Sees BlockChain as a fundamental technology that allows users to manipulate and fix things with the help of the internet. He sees the internet as a big database that will enable connections between users worldwide, unlike in earlier times, it was only “read and write.” Nowadays, editing and taking control is allowed because of the technological rise in database systems.

 Is Bitcoin A Scam?

Kiana states that there are still people who don’t believe in Bitcoin because they think it’s a scam. Dr. Mark believes that the reason for the refusal to accept in the crypto tech is because of previous scams. He further explains that BlockChain and cryptocurrency is not a scam; it all depends on how you use the vast technology. Understanding cryptocurrency requires more than just a month or two of studying because of the complexity and uniqueness.

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Thoughts Regarding Cloudera And Other Big Data Companies

Cloudera is a big data company, and Kiana asks how Dr. Mark thinks of the company as well as how the company could do better. Dr. Rijmenam says that he does not have adequate knowledge regarding Cloudera. But he mentions that he admires companies that allow other people to benefit from their big data. It doesn’t matter which you focus on, as long as the big data company focuses on helping others, Dr. Mark finds them incredible and very interesting.

Is Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over?

Dr. Mark finds Artificial Intelligence attractive because he sees a lot of potential that unfortunately, not a lot of people see nowadays. He thinks that robots won’t necessarily take over everything because ultimately, humans are still involved in everything. Although Dr. Mark sees Artificial Intelligence as a threat to the jobs of the people, he remains hopeful that people see the potential in Artificial Intelligence and what it can do.

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This brings me back to you. What do you think about the future of big data, AI and blockchain? After you subscribed, head over to the comment section, give me a shoutout and let me know.

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