Investment Education Stamford CT

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Investment Education Stamford CT

Investment Education Stamford CT

Invest Diva’s Investment Education Stamford CT consists of series of online and/ or in-person courses for beginners and experts alike who are looking to take control of their own wealth, instead of relying on money managers. This is the best place to sharpen your investing skills and pick up some new ones with our award-winning education course, one-on-one financial planning and investment education coaching lessons.

Investment Education Stamford CT – Getting The Most Out Of Your Trading

Our Investment Education  covers everything you need to know, from the basics to advanced techniques.

Our IDDA video course contains 100 short, fun and easy to understand videos.  Each video is between 1- 5 minutes, conveniently short and engaging to suite your busy schedule. Even if you are completely financially illiterate, this course will make it easy for you to learn and understand the complex investing terminology that you hear on CNBC and other financial media.

The most popular course of Investment Education Stamford CT is the investing group taught by Kiana Danial, author of “Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex” and New York Business Journal’s 2016 Women of Influence Honoree.

Investment Education Stamford CT – Keep In Touch

If you are not a fan of weekly sessions, feel free to visit our Investment Education Stamford CT once a month to stay on track of your account AND your trading psychology. Once you have committed to increasing your knowledge of what to do you’re your money, Invest Diva’s Investment Education Stamford CT is the place to be to expand your education.

You can either meet Kiana at her Stamford office where she teaches, or meet her virtually online over a live webinar using Google Hangouts, Skype or GoToMeeting.

By enrolling in our Investment Education Stamford CT, you can become a master of trading. Education is a work in progress. Under our supervision, keep track of your portfolio, get guidance on every step of the way, as well as first-hand market tips and tricks. Do not be that guy who lost thousands because of a single uneducated trading decision.