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investment advisor Stamford CT

Investment Advisor Stamford CT

If you are looking for an investment advisor Stamford CT, then you have come to the right place. Invest Diva is an internationally famous investment advisor Stamford CT based. Published by McGraw-Hill and featured on Forbes, WSJ, CNN along with other major publications, Invest Diva is a dedicated investing coach focusing on women in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Invest Diva investment advisor Stamford CT walks you through the basics of investing and mentors you to become a master of trading and growing your wealth. Invest Diva’s CEO, Kiana Danial, specializes in forex, stocks and ETFs and takes the long term investing approach combined with fundamental and technical analysis. With her team of reputable financial advisors, Invest Diva helps you with your financial plan and coaches you with your investments when you pass the financial assessment test—reassuring that your financial situation is healthy enough to invest.

Invest Diva’s investment advisor Stamford CT strictly avoids collaborating with any brokers, insurance companies or account managers. We make money for the education and are not misguided by commission fees.

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Investment Advisor Stamford CT – Are We A Good Fit?

Invest Diva’s investment advisor Stamford CT makes investment recommendations through careful analysis of your habits, lifestyle, financial goals and investing personality.

Offering a simple and efficient way to begin building a diversified portfolio, ETFs and stocks are a cornerstone of many portfolios. For advanced investor and high net worth individuals, Invest Diva’s investment advisor Stamford CT guides you with currency trading (forex) as well, bringing in the largest and most liquid market in the globe to your portfolio.

Invest Diva’s investment advisor Stamford CT is knows for responsible, long term, strategic and risk averse investing methods. Many of my clients are single moms, stay at home moms and those who work at creative fields like fashion, music, publishing and television. So we have extensive experience with the unique financial planning needs that creative people often encounter. I also work with plenty of young professionals, like lawyers, doctors and educators who need help balancing retirement planning with student loans and other competing financial priorities.

Everyone, no matter how successful or wealthy, experiences money-related stress. The whole point of financial planning is to eliminate that stress so you can feel confident with the decisions you’re making. Financial planning is a work in progress and education is an important element of it.

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Kiana Danial – Investment Advisor Stamford CT

So now, ahem, now let me tell you a bit about me and my quirky self:

investment advisor Stamford CT Forex Investing Course First, the basics:★ here’s what I look like★ I was born and bred in Iran to a Jewish family (and no, I’m nothing like a Persian Jewish Princess –
I like to build stuff on my own and share the love with others)

★ I went to Japan when I was 18 (all alone) to study electrical engineering. I lived there for 7 years.

★ I love investing, networking and inspiring those are trying to overcome the challenges along the road to success

My partner in crime:★  I was married to my rocket scientist husband, Matt, on THE Pi day of the century:March 14th, 2015.

We cut our wedding cake right at 9:26:53 to honor Pi: 3:14152653.

If you want to read about our Pi-themed wedding in Hawaii, go here.

 investment advisor Stamford CT Help Forex Investing Course
 investment advisor Stamford CT Help Forex Investing Course Kiana Danial My time in Japan:★ Before coming to the US in 2010, I was a major geek.
But I also enjoyed contributing to the society.
That’s why I was on a Japanese TV show called
Generation Y which aired 2008 -2010 on Japanese national TV, NHK.  We talked about social issues such as Japan’s population decrease, finance, politics, sperm banks and make up.If you want to watch a clip of me on the show, go here.

★ Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue
  2. I didn’t get to go to neither of my sister’s two wedding. Because US authorities somehow decided I was not eligible to get a tourist visa while I was in Japan.
  3. I make 5-year plans– and STICK to them
  4. I met my husband on Tinder
  5. I’m a mega double-diamond skier

★ My superpowers (because we ALL have superpowers):

  • creating simple and step-by-step investing plans for the least financially savvy of them all
  • helping people understand the complicated financial concepts by easy-to-understand videos
  • helping people grow their wealth by investing like an Invest Diva

Investment Advisor Stamford CT – How about you?

Let me know some fun facts about you here. If you know someone who looks like an Invest Diva, give them a shout out here.

SO excited to get to know you better! And thank you for reading this post about investment advisor Stamford CT.

Kiana 喜愛成