How to Manifest Anything Overnight w/ Bob Proctor

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How to Manifest Anything Overnight w/ Bob Proctor

How to Manifest Anything

Manifestation is an art that can bring any of your dreams to reality. But still, a lot of people struggle with manifesting things they so desire. 

If you’ve tried manifestation before and were able to manifest successfully, then congratulations. But for those who didn’t succeed, it might be a draining process. 

To manifest anything successfully, you first need to understand the idea of the law of attraction and then use it the right way.

Today, we’re going to discuss with the New York Times best-selling author and renowned law of attraction coach, Bob Proctor, and another best-selling author of her newly arrived book Savy Wisdom, Peggy McColl, how to manifest anything in your life fast. 

In this blog, we’ll walk you through real-life examples of how to manifest anything, big or small, in 24 hours, 1 month, 1 year, or any time frame. 

How Your Mind Works

If we want to understand how manifestation works, then we first must understand how our mind functions. Let’s understand that with the help of a diagram. 

If you look at the above diagram, the bigger circle represents your mind and the smaller one represents your body. Your mind, if you see, is divided into two parts, the upper half is your conscious mind, and the bottom half is your subconscious mind. 

The thought energy flows into your mind as it is. It is neither positive nor negative energy. But at our conscious level, we decide if the energy is positive or negative. We decide if something is good or bad. 

Then, the energy transforms into an idea that is then impressed upon your subconscious mind. If the idea makes an impact on your subconscious, then it will cause emotions that will alter the vibrations of your body. 

Your vibrations control your actions and how you’re going to behave, which dictates the results that you’re gonna get. 

Now, what most people do is, they let the outside result control their thinking, which is an error. The outside result tells us what we have been thinking. If we don’t want those results, we should change our thinking. That’s what Savy Wisdom is all about. 

How to Find What You Want

The first thing to successful manifestation is finding your passion or finding what you want. But for most people, finding what they exactly want is the hard part. Let’s understand how to figure out exactly what you want. 

Peggy says that as long as you continue to believe that finding your passion is hard, you’re gonna experience it being hard. 

What you should do instead is assume that you already know what you want. It is called the law of assumption, and let’s understand it with the help of a story of Napolean Hill.

When Napoleon Hill wrote the book Think and Grow Rich, he didn’t have a title for his book. He submitted it to the publisher, but he was still confused about the name. Napolean knew the importance of the name of a book and wanted it to be something that catches people’s attention.

He played with a number of different ideas. In fact, it’s been told that he came up with 500 different titles, but none of them felt right. 

One day the publisher called Napolean and said that he needs the title for his book by tomorrow or they’re gonna print the cover as “Use Your Noodle And Get The Boodle.” Which, obviously, wouldn’t have sounded good. 

So Napolean went into his room, sat on the edge of his bed, and asked the universe to provide him with a better name. And as he said it, he also relaxed and assumed that he has already got it. 

That very night when he went to sleep, he woke up in the middle of the night and had the title “Think and Grow Rich” already in his mind. He excitedly called the publisher at 2 am and told him the name of his book, and the rest is history.

Here, Napoleon used the law of assumption that you too can use to identify your passion. Peggy says that it is already there in the air, you just need to order your mind and assume that you already know it. 

What Is The Time Frame For Manifestation

Is there anything to be said as to when you’re manifesting something, what time frame you should put on it? When should you expect the manifestation to arrive? 

Well, Bob says that no one knows what the time frame is for the manifestation of a goal. All you can do is just guess. You can understand it like this with an example of seeds.

For a long time, we didn’t know how long it takes for a seed to grow into a carrot. We had to become aware of how long it took for crops to grow after we planted the seeds.

When you’re planting an idea, you’re planting a spiritual seed in the garden of your mind, and no one knows what the gestation period is.

There is a law of gender that states that all seeds have an incubation or gestation period. And you’re guessing at the very best. 

Your mind will surely lead you close to the date, but you’ll have to give it everything you got and you gotta act like the person you wanna become. 

If you wanna earn ten times the money you’re earning right now, then start acting like the person who is earning ten times more than you. 

Is Manifesting Money Being Greedy?

A person is not greedy when they’re sharing what they’re bringing in. They’re not greedy when they provide a service.

Money is just a reward we get for services rendered. If you’re gonna earn a lot of money, you gotta provide a lot of services. 

The thought of being greedy comes from a poverty mindset because the ones who are doing the most are earning the most. The ones who are not earning much are asking the question of greediness. 

That is the way most people think and the reason why most people are broke. Only 5 out of 100 people do exceptionally well. Out of the other 95, 50% are just getting by, and the rest 50% are just struggling.

Earning money is not a difficult thing if you once understand how it’s done. Since the school doesn’t teach you how to earn money, most people never learn it in their entire lives.

How to Manifest Anything Fast

The thing that stops most people and probably stoping you as well from manifesting what you want or achieving what you want is your paradigm. A paradigm is a multitude of habits in your subconscious mind that controls your behavior. 

The paradigm you currently have is probably flawed because its programmed by people who themselves didn’t knew what they are doing. Most parents still do the same thing when they unknowingly program the baby’s subconscious mind to think similar to them. 

To manifest anything fast, the first thing you should do is pick up a pen and paper and write down all the wrong, self-limiting beliefs that are programmed into your subconscious mind. 

After that, start reading things that open your mind and help you leave your limiting beliefs behind, like Peggy’s book Savy Wisdom. Remember, just reading is not enough until you actually apply what’s written in there. 

As humans, we have the habit of forgetting things quickly. So read these things again and again until you impress the idea on your subconscious mind and actually start doing it.

Secondly, write down what you wanna achieve, and more importantly, what you wanna become, so you can achieve that easily. And then see yourself as you’re already there.

All the great leaders in history told us to do so. William James from Harvard told us back in 1900 to follow the actor’s technique i.e., to act like the person you want to become. When you become the actor of your own life, you get to write your own script. 

The problem is, when you start acting like the person that’s earning 10 times what you’re earning, the people around you starting saying that you’re faking it or not being realistic.

You gotta remind them that the Wright brothers were not being realistic. Henry Ford was not being realistic. Anyone who has ever achieved anything has never done it being realistic. If you wanna learn how to manifest anything fast, then stop being too realistic.